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Can your hair salon furniture help you generate more sales?


Can your hair salon furniture help you generate more sales?

You are probably scratching your head in confusion right now. You’ve already heard that great customer service, a well-thought-through marketing strategy or a well-implemented loyalty program help to get more sales, but why in the world would your furniture have to be a valuable player in this matter? Aren't they suited to, you know, being comfortable for both the employees and clients - and that’s all? How does your choice of hair salon chairs or desks correlate with the revenue you generate? As ridiculous as it may sound - there is a way to turn your necessary salon equipment into a money machine, and it is not even about the particular style of furniture you are supposed to buy, but about the way you are utilising it. How can you do this? Keep reading to find out!

What are hair salon necessities?

Before we get into the details of making your hair salon furniture an earning tool, let’s establish what kinds of goods are absolutely essential. In general, hair salons have much more creative freedom when it comes to the choice of furniture in comparison to nail or PMU salons. Yes, your chairs and tables have to meet certain criteria, but oftentimes you don’t have to limit yourself to choosing from industry-dedicated equipment only. Thanks to this, you can make your interior heavily stylised, giving it a very distinctive aesthetic (just take a look at these brilliant small hair salon design ideas!). You don’t have to limit yourself to the generic “clean, vaguely feminine” design that still dominates the industry - you can be as bold as you want, the only thing that limits you is your imagination (and maybe budget, depending on your idea of boldness). With all of that being said, what are the essentials when it comes to hair salon furniture?

Hair salon desk

The reception desk should, most importantly, be of appropriate size. And before you even start thinking about the visual aspect of it, make sure it has an optimal height for your receptionist to work comfortably. They will be spending long hours sitting there, so it’s vital that you won’t sentence them to back, neck and arm problems with your furniture choices. What will be the appropriate height for your salon reception desk? Surprisingly, you should always fit the height of your desk to the chair, not the other way around. You should be able to maintain a forearm-to-upper arm angle between 70 degrees and 135 degrees. In general, for the person of an average height and a chair of conventional size, the desk should be around 70-76cm tall. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your hair salon desk is that it should be big enough for your receptionist to keep all necessary items there. Fortunately, if you are using software for your hair salon, you avoid the clutter of notebooks, pens and paper forms. In such circumstances, all you need is a device that connects with the Internet, such as a laptop or a PC. Of course, you also need a POS system, so it’s crucial to ensure your desk will have enough space to navigate it comfortably.

Hair salon table

When it comes to the hair styling stations, things get a little more complicated. A lot depends on how many tools you want to keep there and how much you plan on utilising your trolley. In general, the current trend is to keep the station as neat and minimalistic as possible. It is no longer considered professional to keep all your products and styling instruments just laying around. Nowadays, a hair salon table is more of a vanity dedicated to the client rather than a typical styling station useful for the hairdresser. A good hair salon table should be easily accessible and practical to work with. You should be able to get around it and reach its surface easily. Another important element is the mirror - it should be well-lit so that the client can see the realistic reflection of their appearance. Keep in mind that people come in many different shapes and sizes, so the mirror has to be big enough for both exceptionally tall and short of them to see their new hairstyle clearly.

Hair salon trolley

A trolley (or a cart) is the stylist’s best friend! They allow you to keep your tools always at hand, without the need to clutter the styling station. A good hair salon trolley should have a designated space to hold hot tools, be easy to clean, have a lock and a sufficient amount of drawers and storage space. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the height of a trolley should depend on whether the stylist prefers to work standing or sitting. As most hairdressers change their position a lot, especially during a long service, it’s worth considering getting a trolley with an adjustable height.

Hair salon shampoo station

Depending on individual needs, you can choose to have separate bowls and chairs or opt for a complete backwash system (where the bowl and the chair are attached to one another). The first option is usually the less expensive one, preferred by small salons that are limited by available space and budget, while the latter is definitely more expensive, but also favoured by clients.

Hair salon chairs

There are many different types of chairs used in hair salons, starting from the rather conventional (receptionist chairs) to more specialised ones (styling chairs, dryer chairs, shampoo chairs, stylist stools). You may not need all of them - it all depends on the equipment you have (or are planning to buy) and services you provide. For example, advanced shampoo and drying stations usually come with built-in chairs. However weird it may sound, chairs can truly make or break your salon, especially if you specialise in treatments that take a long time to provide, such as colours or highlights. Clients will be far less likely to come back to your business if they experience severe back pain after their appointment. If you have a tight budget, it’s better to buy high-quality chairs second hand, than to get something new but of poor quality. Believe us - the difference is really noticeable.

How can you boost your sales with the help of your hair salon furniture?

Now, let us share with you some salon furniture tips and tricks that can help you to earn more.

  • Most clients do not like something about their hair - whether it is dry, oily, frizzy, fine, difficult to manage, etc. You can ask your customer about their concerns during your small-talk, but many people mention their hair troubles pretty quickly themselves when they are talking with a stylist. Once you get to know what bothers your client, make sure to note it in their detailed customer record in your Booksy account. Next time the client arrives, make sure to choose some of your retail products that address their issue (luxury rejuvenating serum and a mask for a customer suffering from severe hair damage, a refreshing shampoo and a volumising spray for a client with an oily scalp) and place them on the styling station you are going to use. When getting their service done, the customer will definitely notice the products and will have a lot of time to consider making a purchase. As the styling process progresses, they will be more and more tempted to start a new hair care routine that will allow them to maintain the beautiful effect. If you notice them side-eyeing the products, you can start the conversation about their benefits in a very natural way. As you can see, your hair salon table can become a new shelf for your retail - but a much more effective one!
  • Customers visit your salon to get a service done, but most of them appreciate the opportunity to unwind and relax just as much as the new cut or colour. You would be surprised at how many people choose to go to a more expensive salon just because they provide better customer service! If you want to tempt such pleasure seekers to your business and your budget allows it, consider getting massage chairs for shampoo and drying stations. Experiencing a fantastic head massage while simultaneously getting a back rub will leave your clients craving for another session and pretty much hoping that their regrowth will appear faster!
  • Even your choice of a mirror and lights may affect your sales. Flattering lighting will make your clients more satisfied with what they see in the mirror and they will start associating looking their best with a visit to your salon. Harsh, unfavourable lights and mirrors that bring out all the imperfections in one’s face will leave your customers very self-conscious. They will subconsciously want to avoid a place that makes them unhappy. At the same time, if they feel beautiful - they will be thrilled to come back.

No matter if you are just starting a hair salon business or are an owner of an established salon that wants to spice things up, knowing how to get the most out of your hair salon furniture can bring you a sizable increase in revenue. Paired with advanced hair salon software, such as Booksy, these sales and marketing techniques will give you an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Try both the tips and our system for yourself!

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