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Booksy Wins Two Comparably Awards to Wrap Up 2020

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Booksy Wins Two Comparably Awards to Wrap Up 2020

Out of tens of thousands of different small and mid-sized companies within the United States, Booksy was awarded two Comparably Awards ranking our tech company in the top 25 best companies for women and the top 50 best companies for diversity. Comparably is a career website that announces Best Places to Work Awards. Every year, Comparably distributes these awards to spread the word about different companies. One set of awards is for large companies and the other is for small and mid-sized companies. Booksy falls into the small and mid-sized category, because Booksy has 500 or fewer employees. Comparably selects award winners based on ratings that actual employees submit via surveys. This year, Booksy employees submitted their responses over the course of 12 months from December 2019 to December 2020. Booksy ranked 13th in best companies for women and 38th in best companies for diversity. Employees answered yes or no, true or false, and multiple choice questions on core culture metrics, compensation, leadership, work environment, and professional development opportunities. Booksy employees spoke highly about the support they're offered in regards to unlimited paid time-off, generous maternity or paternity leave, and adoption support. 

What This Means for Booksy

Booksy was originally created to help people from different backgrounds succeed as business owners, said Booksy CEO Stefan Batory. So, it was wonderful for him to hear that Booksy employees said the company helps promote diversity while empowering women in the workplace. “It’s important for us to make the effort to help people of all backgrounds succeed by providing the tools that will help them thrive in their work environment,” Stefan said. “At Booksy, we strive to offer great benefits and create a flexible work environment that lets everyone who made the decision to join our Booksy family thrive.” Stefan added that out of the 241 employee reviews submitted to Comparably, 92% were positive. The remaining 8% consisted of constructive feedback that will help Booksy continue to improve its work culture while acknowledging the steps that the company has taken.

A Few Details About Booksy

For those who aren't already familiar with Booksy, millions of customers regularly book appointments for services using our scheduling resources. Most of those bookings are in the beauty and wellness industry. And that means our online scheduling tools make the booking process easier for consumers and small business owners. Booksy lets professionals better manage their business from anywhere, anytime. Our online software eliminates the stress from scheduling to help small business owners best allocate their resources. In particular, business owners praise the marketing toolkit, social media templates, Boost tools, and COVID-19 features. Providing these kinds of tools to keep small businesses afloat is especially important during these troubling times. Our analysts found that after using Booksy, business professionals: 
  • Filled an average of 60 additional appointments each month 
  • Reduced the amount of interrupting calls and texts by 50% 
  • Were 93% less stressed about their appointment scheduling 
  • 84% said they don't have to worry about no-shows or late cancellations anymore  


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