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Five Ways that Booksy Eases the Stress of Scheduling Appointments

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Five Ways that Booksy Eases the Stress of Scheduling Appointments

When it comes to using Booksy, industry experts agree that our software provides a seamless booking experience unlike any other scheduling app used by beauty and wellness professionals.  Booksy helps customers schedule appointments with ease. But it’s also designed to make sure business owners have an easy, seamless booking experience. Read closely to learn specific ways that our scheduling app can make your life a little easier, if you’re running a business. If you’re already a Booksy professional, feel free to share this article with industry experts who’ve yet to activate our scheduling app. Remember that active Booksy users can earn a $15 referral fee, whenever they refer a professional who decides to start using Booksy.  And for professionals still debating whether or not to join Booksy, this is an opportunity to learn how our scheduling app can help you succeed. Whether you're an independent contractor or a shop owner, our features can help eliminate the stress of booking, so you can focus on clients.

Manage Your Schedule in One Place

Many professionals sign up with Booksy because our scheduling app handles the stress of booking appointments. Barbers, stylists, nail techs, and wellness providers all benefit from the online scheduling support that we offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Signing up with Booksy means accessing an online appointment book that does the work of an assistant. Booksy professionals are able to leave the pen and paper method of scheduling appointments behind. Instead, they can let our online software schedule their appointments.  Adding, modifying, and cancelling appointments only take a few calendar clicks. And all of those actions can be done on a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. So, Booksy makes it easier than ever for a professional to manage their schedule. And it helps them stay organized throughout the day.

Market to New Clients to Fill Your Calendar

People are ready and waiting to book appointments. Fresh haircuts, stylish nail designs, creative hairstyles, and wellness services like massages are still in high demand. Booksy can help business owners better market themselves to new clients, who want their specific services. Activating our scheduling app means that a business owner can increase their visibility and better market their business to consumers. Taking advantage of Booksy also means that each business gets their own customizable online profile.  An active Booksy profile lets business owners showcase their best work. Each Booksy profile also gives potential clients a chance to see the inside of their shop before they visit. Professionals can upload high quality photos that advertise their specialities and the type of work that they perform.  Whenever a Booksy professional earns a new client, they can remain in touch using the communication tools in the app. Our Message Blast feature lets business owners send scheduled emails and texts to existing clients to remind them about upcoming appointments, which can help industry experts keep their schedule full.

Encourage Social Media Followers to Book 

Booksy professionals can integrate our scheduling app with Facebook and Instagram to turn social media followers into repeat customers. Social media integration is yet another way that Booksy professionals can minimize the stress of scheduling. With this feature, new clients can book appointments directly through a Facebook or Instagram business profile.  Instagram followers and Facebook users who view a business profile on either of one of those two networking sites can use Booksy to schedule an appointment without ever downloading our app or navigating away from Instagram or Facebook. We understand that every customer may not want to download the Booksy app right away. And that’s why we made it possible for clients to schedule an appointment wherever they find a Booksy professional.

Use COVID-19 Tools to Safety Schedule

Another way that Booksy eases the stress of scheduling and booking appointments is through our COVID-19 features. These tools can help professionals book appointments with added ease and confidence.  Booksy professionals can easily let clients know that safety is a top priority with the Health & Safety Rules feature, which is a fully customizable checklist that can be added to any Booksy profile. This feature eliminates the need to brief every client on the measures being taken to ensure that cleaning and disinfecting procedures are being followed inside a shop or salon. Business owners who use Booksy can also take advantage of the I’m Ready Button, which lets them inform clients when it’s time to enter the salon or shop. The I’m Ready Button can minimize foot traffic. And that’s particularly important, since health experts still recommend that people practice social distancing.  Using the Booksy app, our professionals can also ask their clients to complete a COVID-19 Disclaimer Form before entering the shop or salon. Each electronic form helps business owners ask clients if they present any possible symptoms of COVID-19. Clients complete the form while booking an appointment. And this tool also helps make sure the booking process is just a little bit easier. 

Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows

At Booksy, we believe that ease of booking also means making sure that clients show up for their scheduled appointments. To make sure that’s the case, one more way that our scheduling app helps to ease the stress of booking is by eliminating cancellations and no-shows Eliminating cancellations and reducing no-shows is one of the more powerful ways that Booksy eases of the stress of scheduling. Business owners can set up their own customizable cancellation policy, which charges each client a percentage of the service. Professionals who decide to set up a cancellation policy can reduce cancelations, because clients are more likely to commit to every appointment, after paying an upfront cost.    


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