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How Booksy Reviews Work

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How Booksy Reviews Work

There’s no denying it: online reviews are more important than ever. Booksy reviews are designed to provide clients with 100% honest, real reviews of service providers. They also help businesses automatically generate more reviews from their clients. Let’s look at how Booksy reviews help both clients and businesses find the peace of mind they’re looking for. 

Booksy reviews can grow your business
Having tons of excellent, honest reviews from real clients helps Carolyn Romero keep her schedule filled.

Why Clients Can Trust Booksy Reviews

Unlike other review sites, only clients who actually booked and completed a service through Booksy can leave a review. This system guarantees that the reviewer is a real client and not a business trying to boost their own image with a fake review. 

How Booksy Reviews Protect Your Rep 

Booksy's review process keeps online trolls from posting fake, harassing reviews about your business. Clients might be surprised to hear this, but businesses know that trolling is real—and it stinks. That's why we keep Booksy reviews 100% troll-free.  All of this adds up to a simple fact: Booksy reviews are inherently more trustworthy than what you’ll find on Yelp or Google.  

Booksy Reviews help clients understand how great you are
When every review is 100% real, clients know that you\'re 100% real.

How Booksy Helps Businesses Get More Reviews 

Even if you gave an incredible service, it can still be challenging to get clients to leave a review. Not only do they have to remember to write a review, they have to login to some 3rd party website to do it. Booksy eliminates these challenges for both you and your client. 

Here’s how it works: One hour after an appointment booked on Booksy is completed, clients are sent an automated message asking them to leave a review right in their Booksy app, or through the Booksy website. Clients who don’t leave one right away are sent a second request 24 hours later. These reminders happen automatically, making it easy for you to request Booksy reviews and even easier for your clients to leave one. 

Booksy Reviews build trust
The ADD REVIEW button on the Booksy app makes requesting reviews easy.

Publicizing Your Best Reviews

One of the benefits of Booksy is that new clients can find you on the app (alongside trusted Booksy reviews of your services). But you can also proactively share your best Booksy reviews through social media by using the BooksyBiz app. Simply click a button and Booksy will create a custom digital flyer for you to post on social and spread the good word about your work. To learn more about how to generate positive customer reviews, check out our article 6 Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Business on Booksy. 

Booksy Reviews are good
Digital flyers help publicize your best reviews.

The #1 Cause for Negative Reviews: Wasted Time

The most common reason clients give negative reviews on Booksy actually has nothing to do with the service they booked. The vast majority of negative reviews are due to the client's service not starting on time. Keeping a client waiting when they confirmed an appointment can undo all the good work you did behind the chair. If you’re running a business, remember that Booksy doesn’t just help you manage your time. Your clients are managing their time with it, too. 

The #2 Cause for Negative Reviews: Surprise Fees

Being charged with unexpected fees for no-shows or cancellations is the second leading cause of negative reviews. Booksy lets you communicate your no-show and cancellation policies up-front, which should help reduce some of those surprises.  If you have to charge a fee for a no-show or late cancellation, do it immediately. When you mark the client as a no-show within the hour of the appointment, the automatic review request will be canceled. If you wait past that hour, the client will still get the review request, and along with it the opportunity to write you a bad review (even if it was their bad for pulling a no-show). 

Booksy Reviews Work
Click the No-Show button within the hour of the appointment to keep clients from lashing out with a bad review.

Handling Bad Reviews

Because it’s important for clients to trust Booksy reviews, we never remove reviews simply because they shared a negative experience. We do remove reviews that make personal and derogatory remarks against an individual, are profane, threatening, or promote hateful speech. 

We also make it easy for businesses to deal with negative reviews. If you’ve received a negative review, you have the right to make a comment addressing the client's complaint. Often times it’s just a misunderstanding that you can turn around. Research shows that 33% of the time a simple response can turn a negative review into a positive one.  Additionally, Booksy lets clients edit their review for up to 30 days after they posted it. They also have the option to delete it entirely at any time in the future. If you’re interested in learning more strategies for managing your reputation online, check out our article 5 Do’s and Don’ts For Dealing with Negative Reviews

Keeping it Real

Online reviews are now a standard in the industry, and that’s unlikely to change. By creating a fair and honest review process, clients know that they can trust someone they booked on Booksy. Businesses can benefit from this trust by using the tools Booksy provides to generate great reviews (and handle the not-so-great ones). Ultimately, doing your best work and keeping it real will be what helps you get your best reviews. 

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