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How to take care of color-treated hair?

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How to take care of color-treated hair?

How to protect color-treated hair? What to do to make hair color last longer? Get to know the most important rules of hair color preservation!

Hair coloring - which hair color to choose?

Does coloring damage your hair? Unfortunately, yes it does. Hair coloring is tampering with their natural structure, which is why the first step in colored hair treatment is to choose the right hair color. No matter of you decide to color your hair at a professional salon or do it by yourself at home, make sure that the hair color used is safe for your hair. A good choice is usually ammonia-free hair color - it doesn’t cause irritations of the scalp or induce allergic reactions; it’s gentle and safe for your hair. It is what made hair coloring possible for pregnant women - inhaling ammonia fumes could be harmful to the little child growing in its mother’s womb.

Taking care of color-treated hair - the rules

1. Use products for colored hair

Split ends, dry and shineless hair - these are all effects of wrong treatment of colored hair and a signal that damaged hair needs regeneration. Products for colored hair can help us out: shampoo, conditioner, mask and supporting hair treatments are meant to moisturize the hair and rebuild its structure. Using products for colored hair, you will also make sure your hair boasts a long-lasting and intense color. In drugstores you will find many products, from which you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. We especially recommend complete series of colored hair products.

2. Safe hairstyling is a must!

Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. If you use drying or styling equipment on a regular basis (straightener, curling iron, curling hair dryer), remember to use thermal protection hair products. Also, make careful choices when it comes to styling equipment (ceramic plates and ionization function are a must!)

3. Obligatory: regular trimming

If you visit your salon only to get rid of your roots, you’re making a mistake! Every visit at your hair stylist should be also used to trim damaged ends and perform a regeneration treatment - professional masks for colored hair give amazing moisturizing effects and bring shine back to your hair!

4. Rational hair coloring frequency

How often should you color your hair? You should decide on that depending on the type of colorization that you’ve chosen. Permanent coloring gives a long-lasting effect and intense color, but it can weaken your hair, so don’t do it more often that once a month. Coloring shampoos are less damaging, but they don’t last as long either. You can use them more often, but remember to let your own judgement and evaluation of hair condition let you decide. If you obey all of the above rules, you will make your hair healthy, shiny, and the effect of coloring will last much longer.


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