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Nails by Nanette: How To Successfully Run a One-Woman Nail Business

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Nails by Nanette

Nails by Nanette: How To Successfully Run a One-Woman Nail Business

There are many reasons people are drawn to the nail business. For some, it’s a passion for creativity. Others are driven by a desire to be self-employed. For Alexandra Nanette, owner of Nails By Nanette in Orlando, Florida, it was a little bit of both. 

“The moment I realized that I wanted to be in the nail business was after I got laid off from my bartending job,” she says. “I didn’t really want to do it anymore and I felt kind of stuck.” That’s when inspiration struck. “I’ve always loved nails,” says Nanette, “and I remembered the passion that I had for it. It just clicked that that was what I should be doing.” 

Nanette’s decision to follow her passion paid off. Today, her nail business is booming and her nail art has made her a bona fide influencer on Instagram. Learn how she makes running a one-woman nail business look as effortless as her beautiful nail designs. 

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What’s the most rewarding thing about being a nail artist?
It allows me to be creative.  I’m a very artistic person, so being able to express that on a set of nails is really fun. And I love having my clients walk out really loving their nails.

Alexandra Nanette at her private nail salon suite in Orlando, FL.

What’s the difference between a nail technician and a nail artist?
For me, you go to a nail technician to get a fill, make your nails look presentable, and that’s pretty much it. With nail artists, you come in wanting art. You come in wanting something different. We offer more artistic, modern types of designs.

Gorgeous original designs with luxurious details are hallmarks of Nanette\'s nail art.

You have your own private salon suite. Why do that rather than work in a big salon?
Because I prefer working for myself. I run the business how I want to run the business. I make my own hours and set my own prices.
Independent Nail Technicians Prefer Booksy

It also lets me give a more personal experience for my clients, which they love. We’re kind of like our client's best friends while they’re getting their nails done. They feel more comfortable sharing personal things here rather than in a big salon in front of a bunch of people.

Come for the beautiful nails, stay for some quality girl talk.

What’s the hardest thing about running your own salon suite?
Working by myself in a private suite, I don’t have a receptionist. It became very difficult for me trying to schedule appointments. Clients would message me all day, every day while I was working with other clients. Having to do that back-and-forth was difficult for me, and frustrating for my clients.
Let Booksy Handle Scheduling Your Appointments

How did you deal with managing your schedule?
I started using Booksy. Allowing my clients to book 24/7 has definitely increased my appointments. While I’m sleeping, my {clients} are probably up booking, which is super awesome. They don’t have to call and ask me what my availability is. They have it all on Booksy.

When clients can see your schedule, it\'s easy for them to book their next appointment.

Have you tried other scheduling apps aside from Booksy?
I have. I was using another scheduling app prior to Booksy because I came from a salon that was using it.
Why did you decide to switch to Booksy?
I saw that a lot of barbers here in Orlando were using Booksy on their Instagram pages. Seeing that the book now button lead straight to their Booksy appointment calendar looked amazing to me. Because I use Instagram to market my nail business, I knew it would be great if my followers could book me directly from my Instagram.

Sharing images of her work—and booking clients directly—on Instagram has been a game changer for Nanette: "It\'s literally doubled my bookings."

How did switching Booksy help grow your nail business?
Once I started using Booksy, it doubled my business. Between getting new clients from Instagram and allowing my existing clients to book on their own time has literally doubled my bookings.
Are you Ready to Double Your Bookings?

It’s also a lot easier to use for both me and my clients. But again, using Booksy has doubled my bookings, which was the biggest difference from using the other booking app.

Why is Instagram so important in the nail business?
Because it connects you with the entire world. Everyone is on social media, especially Instagram. Back in the day, nail artists used to have portfolios. You would go into the salon and they would have a book of all of their pictures. Now, Instagram is your portfolio. With the book now button on my Instagram, people just click the link and it goes straight to my schedule on Booksy. It creates new clients automatically.

From elegant to extravagant, Nanette\'s nail art has attracted tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own nail business?
If you want to pursue your passion in the nail industry, don’t give up. Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves because we compare ourselves to other people. Practice makes perfect, so just try to focus on perfecting your craft.

To create a set of ombré nails this gorgeous doesn\'t just take talent, it takes practice.

Why should clients come to see you?
I think people should choose me as their nail artist because I’m very passionate about what I do. I will definitely give you exactly what you are looking for and I promise that when you leave my chair, you’ll love your nails.

"When you leave my chair, you’ll love your nails." - Alexandra Nanette

If you’re in the Orlando area and want to book an appointment with Nanette, just click here.  

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