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Take Advantage of Every Opportunity and Turn Your Brand into a Household Name 

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Take Advantage of Every Opportunity and Turn Your Brand into a Household Name 

As a continued effort to learn from successful business owners who have yet to become Booksy professionals but have words of wisdom to offer the dedicated individuals using our software, we spoke with the owner of three successful tattoo parlors in the Tampa, Florida area who was able to take advantage of every opportunity. In addition to creating some of the best body art within the city, Jordan Dollarz Tatu Ginsberg has appeared on Best Ink (2012), along with How Far Is Tattoo Far (2018). So, it’s no secret that he understands the value of networking to better brand himself and his business.  Whether your goal is to become a platform artist, an educator, an ambassador, a celebrity stylist, or a shop owner—Jordan is one of the few people who has accomplished all of this and more in a very short timeframe. Learn from his story and find out how to put yourself in a position to take advantage of every opportunity to make absolutely sure your work gets the attention it deserves. 

Starting from Scratch 

Jordan began his journey about ten years ago by sharing his talent with friends. Although those experiences were rewarding, it didn’t take him long to realize that painting Japanese symbols on his buddies wouldn’t fully challenge his creativity or give his artwork the exposure he wanted. After spending countless hours perfecting his craft, Jordan found work at a tattoo shop in Tampa. It was there that he truly started experimenting and learning different styles of tattooing. He performed black and grey work, abstract art, detailed profiles, innovative depictions of sci-fi characters like Darth Maul, and religious inspired imagery, amongst other well-crafted designs.  But according to Jordan, finding comfort in creating the same designs wasn’t an option. Continuing to move forward by networking with other talented professionals was the next step. And he encourages others to step out of their comfort zone and do the same.  It didn’t take long before it was approached in 2010 to be a part of a television show called Best Ink, where he showcased his work in front of a bigger and wider audience than ever before. Taking advantage of this opportunity led to calls from a host of new clients, who saw his work on tv.

Making Moves in Other Cities

For Jordan, networking wasn’t something that he thought should be confined to the Tampa Bay area. So, he began to travel to keep creating relationships and meeting like-minded artists. And he took his craft to the next level by working with professionals in Los Angeles, California.  Part of the reason that Jordan regularly traveled over 2,500 miles to the opposite side of the country was the competitions. According to him, it’s important to seize the day and take advantage of any opportunity for exposure.  And in the same way that barber battles attract grooming artists from different parts of the country, he chose to participate in tattoo competitions in other areas, because it would give him the opportunity to showcase his skills to so many more people in his industry. Fortunately for Jordan, that hard work paid off. And he was able to land yet another television spot. But this time it was a television show produced by VH1 called Black Ink Miami. Then, he started working on an MTV series called Just Tattoo Of Us. While Jordan acknowledges that his eager moves turned out to be a series of blessings. He also recognizes that it worked, and he advises other artists to knock on every door and break through every closed window. And that’s because those big steps are what lead to opportunity. 

Let Booksy Open Some of the Right Doors

For industry experts like Jordan, Booksy is a great way to get more exposure and take advantage of every opportunity. We help businesses attract additional attention from all the right people. Our software has opened up doors for thousands of dedicated professionals across the globe, and it continues to do so. Booksy is also able to help business owners better market themselves because our software integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Customers can easily schedule time in your chair after viewing your work on social media. And that means you can turn followers and likes into repeat business. The Booksy app was also designed to help business owners better advertise services through personalized marketing campaigns. Use our templates to create professionally designed emails, SMS messages, and push notifications. These tools will keep new clients interested in your work.  To date, over 10 million users across the globe have used our app to book appointments across the globe. Better manage your business from anywhere, anytime. And take the stress away from scheduling your salon, barbershop, wellness center, or tattoo parlor during these times.


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