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The Booksy Rocket Ship Soars with GoPanache

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Modern Salon

At Booksy, we believe in partnerships and consider them to be one of our specialties. And that’s why we’ve chosen to team up with GoPanache, an appointment based tech company that was created to accomplish the same goal of helping business owners better manage their schedules.  

GoPanache has been able to help over a half a million people book sessions online in a variety of industries. Salons, barbershops, skincare and wellness centers, dental practices, medical spa facilities, veterinary clinics, and vision offices all use GoPanache.  

Because of this migration, 500,000 GoPanache customers are going to join the Booksy family. To date, Booksy serves 8 million people across the globe. This merger will continue to show the world that Booksy is an industry leader in the business of booking appointments online. 

For all of the business owners who use GoPanache, this smooth transition has already begun. GoPanache users will have all of their business data integrated into the Booksy software. All they need to do is log into their GoPanache account. Then, select the Booksy logo on the side of the screen.

Earning More Income with Booksy

This merger means half a million businesses will be able to take advantage of the integrated marketing tools, social media templates, and other managerial features designed to make sure that businesses run more effectively. 

GoPanache business owners will also be able to take advantage of several recently released Booksy features. These tools have helped Booksy users continue to succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Those tools include the I’m Ready Button, Safety and Health Rules, Disclaimer Forms, Mobile Services, and the #TipNowBookNow feature. Additionally, GoPanache users can earn more income by referring industry contacts to the Booksy app for $15 per referral.  

And all Booksy business owners are eligible to activate Boost to attract new clients. Boost promotes Booksy profiles by ranking them higher in the search engine, which increases their online exposure.

More Details About the Migration

The Booksy and GoPanache teams look forward to working together. Their goal is to create a more comprehensive update of the Booksy software. Naturally, this will better serve salon and shop owners, along with independent contractors. That release is slated for the fall of 2020.  

"GoPanache was one of our most inspiring rivals. I'm so excited that we are now one cohesive team. The merger allows us to strengthen our position in the market and to continue to push for rapid growth,” said Booksy CEO, Stefan Batory. “With the amazing rebound we’re seeing in the appointment space after the slowdown caused by the pandemic, we think this merger is just the beginning of the consolidation of the appointment app market, and we're excited to continue conversations with other partners in the space.” 

GoPanache founder Neal Flowers added that he is eager to see what new opportunities will develop for the industry because of this exciting merger.  

“Today we are excited to join forces with Booksy and provide our service providers with an amazing opportunity, whether that be through the acquisition of new customers or access to new features we’ll be building together over the coming months. I am convinced that our customers will be delighted with Booksy’s capabilities,” said Neal Flowers.


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