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What Industry Experts are Saying About Booksy Biz Pro


To continue giving thousands of beauty and wellness professionals the tools they need to successfully run their businesses, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned everything. 

Along with Booksy Biz, the mobile app that Providers already know and love, we’re happy to introduce Booksy Biz Pro. Shifts, reporting, inventory, and a full point-of-sale experience—this full-featured tablet/web app was built for businesses that need more.

Booksy Biz Pro is part of the new Booksy 3.0 software release coming later this summer. What’s the goal of Booksy’s big shift? To provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of our providers that also encourage business growth.

When you first open Booksy Biz Pro, you'll notice the fresh look and feel. Dive deeper to see improvements to your favorite features like the Calendar, Checkout, and our Marketing Tools. 

Finally, you’ll appreciate all of the new capabilities designed to help you thrive like in-app hints and Profile Completeness. Not to mention nearly two dozen newly available reports to help professionals make data driven decisions.

We could go on. But, don’t take it from us. We interviewed three long-time Booksy users about their initial experience with Booksy Biz Pro, so you could hear what they have to say...

Sam Carter at Carter.Does.Hair

It’s been well over a year since Sam Carter signed up with Booksy. And she hasn’t looked back since. For Sam, using Booksy means that she can better manage her gender neutral and inclusive space, where she welcomes anyone and everyone. She loves celebrating individuality, just as much as stylish looks. Because of the connection that Sam has with her clients, she appreciates that the new software makes it easier to reach out to customers. 

“I mean it’s just super simple to use, from a business owner or a client’s perspective. There’s no, ‘I’m not sure what I am doing.’ Just like before, you create a profile and everything is right there. It’s super, super streamline and simple for each client. And for me, I love that,” Sam said.

Despite the ease and reliability of the new software, Sam said new users should spend time learning the ins and outs of Booksy Biz Pro. It's important to stay one step ahead of any questions that clients may still ask. And just as important, providers should know how to maximize all of the available tools. 

“Sit down and help yourself by learning how to use it—just take the actual time. It’s hard because we’re busy. And the last thing we want to do when we have time to sit down is work. But setting aside the time to learn the software is only going to benefit the service provider,” said Sam. 

With regards to the new features, Sam particularly likes the fact that Booksy Biz Pro offers more than 20 new reports to help her make more informed decisions about her income. Specifically, those reports provide additional details with regard to the finance side of her business. 

“I need to know where I’m making money and how I'm making money. Because at the end of the day, I’m an artist. But I’m trying to make money off of my art. And I think more service providers should take advantage of this feature, because many times we don’t spend enough time thinking about where our money is coming from and where our money is going,” Sam said. 

Luis Chevere at The Now Salon

According to Luis Chevere the look and the feel of Booksy Biz Pro is what really stands out. Although this Booksy Ambassador works primarily as a stylist, Luis also spent years educating. Specifically, he taught large crowds at sold out conferences how to bridge the gap between hair styling and men’s grooming. 

For that reason and so many more, Luis believes that creating a look that truly sells its message is important. And Booksy Biz Pro does just that and so much more. He added that the new software is easier to navigate because of the sleek design and the placement of the features.

“The first thing that I noticed that was fantastic was the sleeker image. It’s black and white, it’s clean, it’s subtle. A big thing with me is simple, monochromatic colors. And the minute I switched over to Booksy Biz Pro, that spoke to me. Because when it comes to high fashion imagery and stylized looks, I like things to be very simple and kind of calm,” Luis said. 

Another Booksy Biz Pro feature that Luis appreciates is the ability to easily make adjustments to the time of each service on his Booksy profile. For example, it takes Luis 30 minutes to perform a dry haircut. But it takes him 45 minutes to create a perfect fade. Being able to clearly advertise different times for each service helps Luis make absolutely sure his fades are perfectly balanced. 

“And not just that, I like the fact that everything is really easy to get to. You can see your analytics. You can see your sales. Everything is there on the right side of the screen, as opposed to how it was before, where you had to kind of click through the app. Now, everything is easy to find,” he said. 

Patrick McAfee at Mirror Ball Studio

Long-time industry veteran, Patrick McAfee has been behind the chair for almost two decades. Because he’s witnessed so many changes in the industry, he knows how to appreciate entirely new updates. But Patrick also raves about the seemingly small tweaks that can move mountains. 

Patrick first and foremost spoke highly about the fact that many of his favorite features are still available. But we tweaked those same tools and made improvements in some very big ways, which grabbed his attention.

For Patrick, the ease of booking and scheduling has always been a huge appeal, when it comes to using Booksy. But Booksy Biz Pro makes the calendar much easier to navigate, he said. And that helps Patrick create, edit, and reschedule appointments with ease. 

“I love the fact that when you first open the app, it tells you exactly what you’re working with for that day. And that wasn’t the case before. It just showed the schedule before. It’s really neat to have nudges that automatically prompt me to build my business even further by filling in empty slots,” Patrick said.

Even though the software always encouraged profile building, Booksy Biz Pro has a Profile Completeness tool. We redesigned it to offer a host of valuable tips. Expect valuable feedback on writing an engaging description, uploading salon or barbershop photos, showcasing portfolio pictures, and earning 5-star reviews. Patrick said the new Profile Completeness tool should easily help Booksy newcomers and long-time users alike.

Additionally, the Inventory tools help Patrick keep track of the merchandise and products he sells. “Before you had to wait for a downloaded report to be sent to email. And now, it’s all in the app. That’s fabulous, I just love the fact that Inventory and Productivity reports are all right there,” he said. 

Use Booksy Biz Pro to Keep Growing

To learn more about the all new Booksy experience browse through our Booksy 3.0 guide, which offers a host of answers to commonly asked questions. Know that we will also offer Booksy webinars, led by our in-house experts. You can also expect detailed newsletters about the new software.

Better yet, try it for yourself. All existing US Providers have been given Early Access to Booksy Biz Pro. To check it out, login to Booksy Biz from any web browser and from the bar at the top choose “Try Booksy Biz Pro”. You can also search for the Booksy tablet app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. 

Remember that the new software provides an easy to navigate experience that works seamlessly with your Booksy Biz mobile app. Consider it a bonus to the tools you already love. Dive in—we can’t wait to hear what you think about managing shifts, marketing your business, the new reports and well, everything.


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