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What People Are Saying About Booksy

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What People Are Saying About Booksy

By now, you probably know all about Booksy and understand why we think you should use our app to easily book appointments with your favorite barber, hairstylist, nail technician, wellness provider, or personal trainer. 

In case you’re wondering, we’re still the number one scheduling app for beauty and wellness professionals. To date, over 3 million people across the globe have downloaded our software to schedule appointments.  But now that the COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much eliminated the option for people to just walk into a shop or salon without an appointment, Booksy has become even more of a necessity.  As shops and salons reopen across the world, we wanted to provide some insight on what actual Booksy customers have said about us in the past. Keep scrolling to read what real people like yourself have to say about Booksy. And watch these four short but engaging video testimonials. 

Support Small Businesses with Ease

Lemmy is an active Booksy user who likes to schedule appointments with Jenilea, one of our more colorful nail technicians, who provides services from inside a quaint location in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  According to Lemmy, Booksy it makes it easier for her to help support small business owners. Those beauty professionals are particularly important to Lemmy because she feels they have really made it their livelihood.  Booksy also helps Lemmy keep track of appointments by sending her reminders. Now, she always remembers when she’s set aside some time to visit her favorite nail tech—Jenilea. Though instead of calling Jenilea a nail tech, Lemmy confidently describes her as “more of an artist.”

Successfully Juggle a Busy Schedule 

Shelby came to Chicago not long ago and didn’t waste any time putting a lot on her plate. When Shelby arrived in the city, she almost immediately began working a full-time job in the advertising industry. Additionally, she was also running her own lifestyle and fashion blog.  To make sure that she could find some time for self-care, she turned to Booksy. Shelby says that being able to book “wherever, whenever” is really a treat, since she’s always on the go.  She doesn’t have to wait for someone to confirm an appointment or spend time playing phone tag via text. And Booksy gives Shelby all the information she needs to find the right beauty professional. Shelby loves to read customer written reviews and view photos of the shops that she's planning to attend for the first-time. When Shelby first opened the app, she was surprised to see so many available locations throughout the city, where she could easily book an appointment. “That was awesome. I loved that,” she added with a big smile.  

Take Away the Stress of Booking

As a student at Depaul University, it was important for Alanna to find a beauty professional who would be available during the evenings, since Alanna spends most of her mornings and afternoons in class.  Alanna said being able to use Booksy took away the stress of scheduling appointments. Instead, she's able to focus her attention on attending courses and completing homework assignments, while maintaining a social life.  It was also a surprise for Alanna to see such a wide variety of services on Booksy, which offers everything from hair and nail services to getting a tattoo. And since her campus is located in the busy downtown area of Chicago, it was also important for Alanna to find affordably priced treatments

Find Last Minute Appointments

Elise is also a college student at Depaul University who uses Booksy to help her maintain a relaxing self-care routine with greater ease, because she can find last minute appointments when something suddenly changes in her schedule or if she simply feels the need to book a treatment on the spot.  Being able to book late at night or early in the morning is also a huge plus, Elise said. And that helps her avoid forgetting to book appointments, since the app can automatically reschedule a session to help her save time and avoid numerous scheduling issues.  Another major appeal for Elise is that Booksy lets her view a stylist's work via social media. And when she’s ready to book, she can schedule an appointment via Instagram, instead of toggling between different apps.

First-Time Booksy Users 

Now that you've learned what people are saying about Booksy, it's time to take advantage of our platform. Remember that Booksy has been integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram.  And that’s so you can easily schedule appointments while viewing the social media pages of your favorite stylists or barbers. Download the Booksy app to get started today! 


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