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Welcome to the Best of Booksy!

You work hard. Every once in a while it’s nice to feel noticed!

That’s the essence behind our #BestofBooksy awards-to celebrate you.  The dreamers and doers who inspire us to do more, and do it best.  🏆🚀





Every quarter we head out in search of our Best of Booksy recipients. For every city we present one award per category.

If you make it to the winner’s circle, we’ll follow up to deliver instant street cred:
   • A Booksy Awards badge will appear on your Business Profile on the Booksy Marketplace. 
   • You’ll receive a certificate that can be downloaded or shared on social media with Booksy’s Social Post Creator.

Don't forget to tag @booksybiz and use the hashtag #BestofBooksy to share your victory!





   • Most Buzz: Showcasing businesses with the most and best reviews.
   • Greatest Loyalty: Recognizing businesses with the best client retention. 
   • Most Booked: Elevating businesses with the most client bookings.
   • Best Portfolio: Highlighting businesses with the most portfolio photos.

Want to learn about the data behind how Best of Booksy winners are selected? Read more.





Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know if I won?
If you’ve won a Best of Booksy Award, you will be notified in your Booksy Biz app.  You’ll also see a new category in the Social Post Creator that’s available only for winners. This is where you can find your award certificate and easily share it to your social platforms.

What exactly do I get if I win?
Instant street cred! If you’re a winner in any of the above categories, you will see a Booksy Awards badge* appear on your business profile on the Booksy Marketplace. Just a little flex to show new and returning customers that you made it into the Best of Booksy.

You’ll also receive a snazzy certificate that you can download and print, or share on social media using Booksy’s Social Post Creator. Be sure to tag @booksybiz on Instagram and use the hashtag #BestofBooksy for even more visibility.

*The Booksy Awards badge is only visible during the quarter (3 months) starting on the day you received the award. After that, the badge will disappear. But if you win again, it will come right back!

How can I win an award next time?
Want to learn about the data behind how Best of Booksy winners are selected?
Click to read how Best of Booksy awards are chosen.

My award certificate says “Tied for” on it. What does that mean?
If you see this phrase on your certificate, it means that you tied with another business in your area for the same award.

I won - why don’t I see my award in Social Post Creator?
No worries! You may just need to manually update your app:
   • Close out of the app and go to your device’s app store.
   • Search for Booksy Biz and hit ‘Update’.
   • Re-open the app and click the bell icon to open the Notification Center.
You should now see a notification with information about your award. Your exclusive new category and Award Certificate will be waiting for you in the Social Post Creator.

My award certificate has the wrong business category listed. What should I do?
Best of Booksy awards are based on what you have set as your Main Category in the Booksy Biz app. If your award certificate has a category that does not accurately reflect what you do as a business, please update your Main Category in the app by going to Settings > Business Details > Business Category > Main Category.

To receive a revised award certificate, please complete this Google form and let us know the correct category for your business. 

I won a Best of Booksy Award, but the information on my certificate is wrong.  What should I do?
If any information on your award is incorrect and you need a revision, please complete this Google form.


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