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Booksy Webinars

Check out our webinar series below to register for a personalized session on how to get the most out of your Booksy account, led by our in-house experts. Click the date drop-down on each session to see all upcoming events. 


Join us for an upcoming session: Intro to Booksy Pro

Perfect for professionals new to the platform, or those wanting a refresher (with added tips and tricks)! Join us for an overview of the tools and features Booksy offers to help elevate and grow your business


Protect Your Money this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be in a hurry and snowflakes aren’t the only flakes. Help your clients get out the door faster with Mobile Payments and protect your bottom line from flaky clients with No-Show Protection. Learn more in this webinar.


Booksy Live: Q&A

Have questions about the platform? Curious how to take your business to the next level? Want to hear about new features that will help you optimize your clients' experience? Interested in growth opportunities? We are here to help--join us!


Tips for your Trial

Booksy experts will walk you through the Booksy trial process, highlighting the top features and insider tips that will ensure you are set up for success. Bring your questions, we are happy to answer them live!


Fill Your Schedule with Booksy Boost

Looking to get more exposure? Fill your calendar? Promote your business? Learn how Booksy Boost can help you take your business to the next level.


Sesión de preguntas - Espanol 

Tiene preguntas sobre Booksy? Quiere saber cómo llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel? Quiere escuchar acerca de las funciones que lo pueden ayudar a optimizar la experiencia con sus clientes? Estamos aquí para ayudarle -- Únase a nosotros !

Interested in Education?

Register for an upcoming Booksy Education Webinar and build your professional skills! Education webinars are free to attend for anyone in the greater beauty and wellness communities.

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Past Webinars


Intro to Booksy Intro

A full introduction to the Booksy platform led by our expert, Heather. With these tips, you'll be on your way to getting the most out of your Booksy account in no time!

intro espanol

Intro a Booksy: En Español Intro

Una descripción general de las herramientas y funciones que elevarán su negocio.

Alan Beak

Blended with Alan Beak: Educational Webinar with the Master

Booksy Ambassador and world-renowned educator Alan Beak seamlessly blends the worlds of hairdressing and barbering. This demo is designed for hair professionals looking to improve and unify their clipper and scissor skills.

back to business

Booksy's Back to Business Webinar

Tune in to hear two of our sales reps, Heather and Jamel, talk you through some of Booksy's new features designed to get you and your clients back to business safely.


Booksy US Mobile Payments Webinar

An overview of Booksy's in-app Mobile Payments system, where you can set a Cancellation Policy, Prepayments, and so much more! Learn how this powerful tool can streamline your business and give you more time to focus on your craft.


Shoptalk: The Client is King

Booksy ambassadors Mr. Official, Sam Carter, and Keino Valley join us for #ShopTalk. In this webinar, you'll learn how to use technology to stand out and better connect with your clients.


Mobile Services 101

Tune in for a discussion with traveling nail artist Tracey Sturdivant. Learn the ins and outs of thriving as a mobile business owner, including setup, insurance, and how to market yourself like a boss!


Booksy x Wahl: Prescriptive Cutting with Creative Director Jamie DiGrazia

Learn how to effortlessly cut short hair, recommend the ideal styling product for your clients, and take your service dollars to the next level!


Fill Your Calendar with Booksy Boost

Unlock your potential with the marketing gift that keeps on giving. Learn how Booksy Boost can help you take your business to the next level.

Chita Beseau 2

Color Out Loud with Chita Beseau

Booksy Ambassador Chita Beseau demonstrates the popoular "ring lining" technique. Tune in to learn how to really make your colors pop!

Chita Beseau

Crown Braiding with Chita Beseau

In this step-by-step demo, colorist, stylist, and Booksy Ambassador Chita Beseau will walk you through Instagram's popular “Crown Braid.” This textured braid creates a dreamy, elegant look that is fit for a queen!


Qnity x Booksy: 8 Tips for Staying Financially Fit

Booksy partnered with award-winning financial services firm Qnity to bring you this exclusive webinar series on financial fitness. Tune in for actionable tips and strategies to help take charge of your finances and grow your business.


Qnity x Booksy: Grow Your Clientele in 3 Easy Steps

Qnity’s award-winning curriculum uses simple education and visual tools to help beauty pros make more money beyond the chair. Tune in to learn how to build financial security by growing your client base.


Qnity x Booksy: 3 Drivers of Average Ticket

Put some muscle behind your hustle with this webinar from Booksy and financial services firm Qnity. In this webinar, learn how to maximize your take-home pay by increasing your average ticket.


All About the Booksy Ambassador Program

Booksy experts Tucker and Christina break down the Booksy Ambassador Program. You'll learn: what it takes to become an Ambassador, what it's like being an Ambassador, and how our Ambassadors spread the word about Booksy.