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Booksy Education Library

The most respected professionals in the beauty industry casually dropping those knowledge gems you need to Boss Up!



Booksy Biz Webinars:

Alan Beak

Alan Beak X Booksy Present: BLENDED

Booksy Ambassador and world-renowned educator Alan Beak seamlessly blends the worlds of hairdressing and barbering. This demo is designed for hair professionals looking to improve and unify their clipper and scissor skills.


Booksy x Wahl: Prescriptive Cutting with Creative Director Jamie DiGrazia

Learn how to effortlessly cut short hair, recommend the ideal styling product for your clients, and take your service dollars to the next level!

Booksy X Color Expert Chita Beseau

Chita Beseau 2

Color Out Loud with Chita Beseau

Booksy Ambassador Chita Beseau demonstrates the popoular "ring lining" technique. Watch now to learn how to really make your colors pop!

Chita Beseau

Crown Braiding with Chita Beseau

In this step-by-step demo, colorist, stylist, and Booksy Ambassador Chita Beseau will walk you through Instagram's popular “Crown Braid.” This textured braid creates a dreamy, elegant look that is fit for a queen!

Boss Up your Marketing Strategy!

Booksy Spotlight ChristyClips

Instagram Marketing for Barbers & Beauty Pros

Barbers & Beauty Pros: We all know that the client comes first once they're in your chair, but are you taking advantage of what social media can do to help you GET them there? Join Booksy Ambassador @ChristyClips in this free webinar and learn!

Card Reader

Booksy US Mobile Payments

An overview of Booksy's in-app mobile payment system, where you can set up prepayments, cancellation policies and so much more! You will learn how this powerful tool can empower your business and provide peace of mind to allow you to focus on you.

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