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Discover the 2018 Beauty Trends for the Hair Industry

Curious about the 2018 hair trends? Here are some women’s hair trends, new and recurring, that the Harper’s Bazaar and Elle list for 2018 in case you want to keep up with them. Because you totally should.

Dirty blonde

Source: Harper’s BazaarSource: Harper’s Bazaar

A trend that we have seen come and go a lot that never disappoints is the dirty blonde look. Guess what – it’s back again!

Bobs, Bangs, and Fringes

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Oh, the good ol’ bobs. These have been in style for a while now, and they are still in style. This year, they are back with a different twist – fringes.

Barrettes, hairbands, and scrunchies

Source: Elle Magazine

This trend is somewhat newer. Barrettes, clips or bars that hold hair in place, are this year’s ‘novelty’, especially double barrettes.  Hairbands are still in style, and a trend that has been gone for a while, but has made its big comeback are scrunchies! Check these out:

Curls and waves

Source: Elle

Curls and waves never go out of fashion – lucky for those you have naturally curly or wavy hair. Even if you don’t remember to keep ‘em cool and natural-looking.

Wet-hair look

Source: Elle Magazine

An interesting new trend for 2018 is the wet look hair. Well, you be the judge.

Go big or go home!

If you did not catch onto any of these trends, one takeaway message from the 2018 hair trends is that you want to go big, whether it relates to curls or hair ornaments. To emphasize each look, make sure to it sticks out


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