How to Create a Perfect Barber Shop

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Striving to make your shop into the Perfect Barber Shop? Think about the barber shops you’ve visited yourself, which ones you would give a higher rating, and why you would do that. Here are some things to consider when you are trying to assess your own barber shop on a scale from 0 to 10!


Although this one might seem obvious to some people, it isn’t to others. Generally, customers tend to feel better and like places more if they are clean. Make sure your barber shop is always clean. Clean the stations between each hair cut/treatment, sweep the floors often, and clean those sinks and try to make sure that the equipment you use gets cleaned every once in a while as well.

A modern salon

Although not every customer might pay attention to this, and some prefer older barber shops for a reason, updating your barber shop to a modern one will surely bring you more customers and be, for the most part, viewed as more pleasant in the eyes of your customers.

Well-groomed barber(s)

The way your barbers and employees look tells people a lot about the kind of business you are. Your barber(s) should not only be well-dressed, but keep in mind this is an important one, should first and foremost make sure that his/her hair looks good. Remember, a big part of marketing is the presentation. If your barbers’ appearance is good, customers tend to associate that with the taste of your barber(s) as well.  

Personable staff

Not only is it important that your staff is personable, easy to talk to, and customer-friendly, but that they also show a certain amount of self-confidence and set the right mood in the barber shop.

Customers’ needs met

Remember to not only care for the customers that come in to get their hair cut, but also those who come in with you customers. Offer water, maybe even tea or coffee. Certainly, have a waiting area ready for those who are waiting in line or those who are there waiting for your customers’ to be done. Make a communal atmosphere and turn your barber shop into a place where people can come to simply hang out.

Additional services

The perfect barber shop will go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Takes note of the things your customers ask for outside of the usual things you would expect to have in a hair salon.

Build a community

A good way to get more customers and get a good reputation in the community is to build strong relationships with your neighbors and small businesses you are surrounded by and care for those relationships. Maybe even offer them discounts on the first time they come in.

Customers’ opinions

Make sure to talk to your customers about things they like and don’t like about their current haircut, what they would like to change, and what they expect from their new haircut. Do not just jump into the assumption that they want the haircut you would like them to have.


Ask for feedback from every customer that comes in and send them a customer satisfactory survey to see which areas you could still improve in.

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