How to Deal with No-Shows

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Dealing with no-shows can be very frustrating – surely, if you own a small business, you have had this happen to you before. You made an appointment last week and your client did not show up. You made another one yesterday and your client did not show up, again. No-shows not only decrease your revenue, but also waste your time and increase your expenses instead. Here we give a few tips on how to deal with those customers, making sure that they show up to your appointment or cancel on time.

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Booksy makes it easier to cancel in advance!

The great thing about Booksy is that your clients will not need to reach you by phone in order to cancel their appointment. This encourages timely cancelations.

Set appointment reminders

A way to help your clients remember about the appointments they have made, is to set automated reminders through the Booksy app. You can pick the frequency and whether you want the reminders to be send via email, text messaging, or simply to pop up in the app.

Booking fees

To further discourage your clients from canceling their appointments, you can set up payments before the appointment and deduct a percentage from their total payment as a booking fee. Make sure this percentage is not too large or you might completely discourage clients to book with you.

Penalize for no-shows to discourage future no-shows

This might seem a little drastic, but why should you not be able to rate your clients when they rate your business all the time? Set up a rating system to let you customers know that it’s not okay to cancel too often.  Deduct points for each time a customer cancels on you, more points if it is closer to the appointment.

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