Introducing New Booksy App for iOS

About Booksy, All

We are proud to present a brand new Booksy app for clients (the blue one 😉 ). The design is dedicated not only to help existing clients, but also to reach potential clients who have yet to discover your business!

We are here to help them get to you!

Striving to develop new solutions for booking experience, we are excited to announce that we will still be developing new updates to our new customer app. As we are constantly striving to develop new solutions to improve the booking experience for you and your clients, this is part of a series of updates. The new app will first be distributed to 20% of lucky iOS users. The app is already available to everyone via Google Play! Now let’s focus on what’s new and what’s better in the latest Booksy app!

Complete redesign, baby!

What makes the app so cool is its smart, attractive new design. Don’t be fooled by its sophisticated new look- its straightforward layout takes all the guesswork out of finding and booking an appointment. It doesn’t get easier than this!

‘The new design is sleek and stylish and, together with smooth scrolling, it makes the experience more satisfying.’
Dominika Basak, Product Evangelist at Booksy

The new app isn’t just easy on the eyes- the user experience has also been redesigned. It’s a pleasure to scroll through the categories, look for businesses and just use the app.

Finding businesses

Users can easily find businesses they are interested in – by name, category, location and availability. They will also have an access to ‘best business in the area’ section, which allows them to see who is the ranked highest in their area. Only the best businesses, based on reviews and on ratings, are here. So if you are truly the best – you will be featured here. That is just one more reason to ask your clients for reviews and ratings!

‘Users might not necessarily know what they are looking for. Booksy 2.0 suggests services and businesses based on the client’s preferences, as well as by popularity, distance or reviews.’
Dominika Basak, Product Evangelist at Booksy

Recreating appointments

Your customers can also recreate appointments they had with you simply by clicking the ‘Book again’ button. It is that simple – once they’ve visited you, it’s just one small click and their next appointment is already booked.

‘Recent visits with a “book again” button are displayed on the home screen, which makes the rebooking process even more effortless and tempting for the user. This dramatically improves both client satisfaction and retention.’
Dominika Basak, Product Evangelist at Booksy

This saved booking history is a huge help for both clients and you! Not only does this help them book themselves correctly, you also have an access to their history, profile and photos. This way, you both know exactly what to expect during the service. That makes it easy to get positive results at the end of every appointment.

More personalized

Clients can look add specific staff members to their favorites in our app. This way, your staff members can feel more appreciated – they know they’ve earned a loyal client. This strengthens the way clients connect with their favorite businesses.

‘Clients get attached not only to specific salons but also to their service providers. Now they can look for open slots with their fav barber or stylist and book an appointment directly with them!’
Dominika Basak, Product Evangelist at Booksy

This personalization also helps us give clients recommendations based on the services, staff members and businesses that they like. This can mean more business for you!


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