Persuade Your Clients to Book You with Booksy

About Booksy, All

Has communicating with your clients been frustrating for you because you can’t reach them? Perhaps your clients have found it difficult to reach you? Booksy simplifies things for both you and your clients. If you are having trouble convincing some stubborn clients that Booksy is the way to go, we are here to help. These five simple steps will help you encourage your clients to book you through our Booksy app.

Benefits of booking with Booksy

First and foremost, whether your customer is a returning or new one, make sure he/she is aware of the benefits of booking an appointment with you via Booksy. This includes ease of access, 24/7 calendar syncing, personalized profile, etc. You can read more about additional benefits in our previous post. 

Discount and rewards

If your clients are still not convinced about the advantages Booksy will give them, make it even more clear. Offer additional incentives when clients book appointments with you through the app such as additional discounts, rewards, and coupons redeemable via the app.

Highlight your services

Now that you have a Booksy profile for your business, make your profile stand out so that it catches the attention of people who browse through the Booksy list of services.  If you are not sure how to create a profile that will fulfill your clients’ expectations, we have prepared a post about that for you as well.

Calendar syncing

Your clients should know about the 24/7 accessibility to booking and making any necessary changes as well as the syncing feature of the app. Keep your calendar updated and synced to make sure available slots show up in their app.

Send reminders and messages through Booksy

An easy way to have your clients sign up for and install the Booksy app is to send them reminders and messages through the app which makes them download the app and set up an account. It’s not as evil as it sounds. Really, it will just make both of your lives so much easier.

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