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Want to grow as an artist and develop your reputation as a skilled professional? Follow these steps and turn your craft into art!

Here are a few ways to reach your personal best without breaking the bank:

Advanced (but affordable) courses

Obviously, one of the most obvious solutions is through official certification and training programs. But here are something you might not know. All accredited programs are required by law to teach the same material with the same standards. So the only thing you pay for with a big fancy school is the name, which won’t get you far (unless you just want to work for that company and are one of the standout students). Find a small, cheap program and get what you need from it- knowledge.

Learn color FROM the product

If you plan to add coloring services to your repertoire, you need to have coloring products. There are plenty of great products out there, so be sure to pick one that also has good customer service and product training. Many companies will provide you with free advanced coloring courses and color-correction courses if you use their brand. Why wouldn’t you want to be well-trained in the product you use?

Join a professional development group

Have an area you struggle and don’t know where to go next? There are groups you can subscribe to/follow that offer regular training and support in all aspects of the business. Some examples are Barber Development Group or Behind the Chair.

Low key self-training

Don’t have a ton of time (or money) for intense training? There are plenty of free ways to learn! Watch youtube videos. Swap tricks and tips with your colleagues. Practice on people who love you no matter what experiments you try on them. 😉 Most growth happens this way.

Booksy also has regular tips for building up the financial aspect of your career. Be sure to follow the rest of this series for even more advice.

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