The Perfect Booksy Profile – part II

About Booksy, All

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article Booksy gives you opportunity to advertise your business amongst your clients. And perfect way of doing it is through your profile. Here you will learn some more ways on how to make your profile work even better!

Remember the Contact Information

Another important component if customers are to find you easily, is to make to make yourself easily accessible by providing contact information in a visible spot.

Introduce the Team

Does your team consist of you, the one and only barber at your barber shop, or does it include other team members? Upload photos and short descriptions of your whole team – make the personalities of your team members enticing.

Pricing plays an important role

Depending on the pricing of your services, customers can decide to choose your service over services at a more, or less, expensive shop.  This will surely depend on how you present your services and business on your profile.

Get among the top-rated business by receiving the best Reviews

A large amount of high ratings will do the trick. Make sure you have at least a couple reviews (perhaps from customers that frequent your parlor) when you start out and ask people to leave you a review every time a new customer pays you a visit.


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