The Time is Right: February Holiday Promotions


First off- a shoutout to Black History Month! Along with celebrating the achievements and work of POC, there are many great days to enjoy during this short winter month.

2nd February: Groundhog Day

Yeah, we know. If you’re in a colder climate (and don’t regularly get to enjoy winter sports) you may be tired of winter at this point. So why not make sure your clients don’t spend the next 6 weeks at home by offering a great seasonal sale? The groundhog may be afraid of its shadow, but there’s no reason your clients should be frightened by their reflection.

13th February: Mardi Gras

Let the shop feel like a party! Provide fun food like beignets (or pączki, depending on where you’re from) and offer discounts on your most extravagant services- now’s the time to go big. Plus, it might be fun to offer beads to anyone who comes to the shop on that day.

14th February: Valentine’s Day

Chances are, you’ll be booked solid right up until Valentine’s evening. Want to use the day to promote further? Why not offer a very special 50% off discount to anyone who buys a particular product OR who books their next appointment on that day.

17th February: Random Act of Kindness Day

Pay it forward! Offer your clients something special- a free upgrade to their service, a special add-on, a trial sample of a product, etc. Not only will this help improve their day they may end up showing you kindness in return with a nice tip, review, or referral.

Need a bit more of a boost for your business? Keep following our articles! If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to celebrate 8 February quite easily (Laugh and Get Rich Day).


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