The Time is Right: March Holiday Promotions


Who runs the world?


That’s right, it’s Women’s History month. So to all the women in the health and beauty profession – this is a great time to promote your work and business. The best day for this?

March 8th- International Women’s Day

A day for ALL women in the world to celebrate together. Why not offer special discounts for all women this day, or provide a small gift for women who visit your establishment. Looking for something truly positive to do? Perhaps look into women’s help groups in your area or international fundraisers to support and raise money for on this day.

Here are some other holidays you may enjoy:

March 11th – Daylight Savings Time

Along with the vernal equinox on March 20th, we spring ahead on Sunday the 11th. So enjoy that extra hour of sun in the evening! Why not have a little “savings time” at your shop? Just make sure your clients adjust their clocks so they show up at the right time!

March 14th – Pi Day

Math can be delicious! For this fun day, maybe serve pieces of pie or mini pies at your shop. Looking for a little more practical solution? Perhaps apply 3 or 14 percent discounts on services and products.

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Paddy’s Day, why not have a “save green” special? Decorate the shop and perhaps everyone wearing a shade of green gets a coupon for their next appointment. Serving a bottle of some good beer on that day for everyone who’s not driving could be also be a fun idea.

STILL looking for days to promote? How about the lesser known but fun days:

March 3rd – I Want You to be Happy Day

Isn’t that every day with clients?? 😉 I am sure you know just the promotion to make all of your clients happy.

March 12th – Girl Scouts Day

Discounts for current/former Girls Scouts as another way to celebrate Women’s History Month. Maybe you’d like to donate money to Girl Scouts of America or your local troop? Regardless, Girl Scout cookies should be involved. Yum!

March 16th – Incredible Kid Day

Discounts for kids! Or, perhaps a special event for kids which allows parents and caregivers a little time AWAY from their incredible kids without having to find a sitter. Not a kid-friendly establishment? Have clients show pictures of their own unique, amazing children. It’s a great way to really connect.

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