Q1 Prep, Rest and Get Ahead

Q1 Prep, Rest and Get Ahead

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Q1: Preparation

After a busy Christmas and relentless January, you must be tired but there’s no resting as Valentine’s day and Mother’s day are quickly approaching. How do you catch up on rest and get ahead at the same time? Surely it’s not doable? Think again.
Quarter one for many is the preparation stage and the stepping stone for the rest of the year so it’s best to get off on the right foot. Booksy is the software you need to improve your business.

The Brilliance of Booksy.

  1. Block your time off out- ahhh, time to yourself
  2. Client App- ahhh, no constant ringing of the phone, they can book via the app
  3. Instagram Book button- ahhh, no answering DMs late at night
  4. Facebook Book button- ahhh, no Messenger chats late at night
  5. GDPR features for marketing and data storage- ahhh, GDPR made easy
Get Ahead:
  1. Reports and Statistics- great, business monitoring/forecasting made easy
  2. Cancellation Fees and Prepayments- great, reduce losses on cancelled bookings
  3. Appointment Reminders- great, reduce no-shows
  4. Marketing Tools- great, free tools to save time and increase revenue
  5. Staff Commissions- great, calculated and adjustable per staff member and service
It’s only going to get busier as the year goes on and there’s no time like the present. Change now and watch your business #growwithBooksy.
Coming soon…
Customisable Digi-flyers
Price Promotions (for Marketplace Promotion users):
  • Flash Sales- eg for Black Friday
  • Last Minute- eg cancellation or a few spots left
  • Happy Hours- eg quieter periods
  • Client Discount- eg loyal clients offer

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