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Booksy Logos and Branding: How and Where To Use Them.

Booksy Logos and Branding: How and Where To Use Them.

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Want to make Booksy related content but don’t have the content or need some inspiration? Look no further!

Hair For Men, Lewes use the Booksy logo on their business card so that clients know how to book in.
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We only use a black or white logo and add plenty of space around it so it isn’t interfered with by other things in an image or too close to the edge. Sometimes this means jigging either the logo or the picture around until it is clear.

To keep in with our Booksy branding, text and images should be left or right aligned.
The paw of the puppy interferes with the Booksy logo so this is not a suitable place.
Here, although the logo is ideally situated, the background is too dark and not clearly visible.
Here the logo is aligned with the text above and the other icons, has plenty of padding (space around the logo) and we chose a white one to make it stand out better on the dark background.

We use the B logo when the Booksy name is already known, IE in a presentation or multi-page document of some kind. Same as with the full logo with the layout but is the ‘b’ is generally used when the brand is known, for example, in a presentation like this. 

Bully’s Barbers have the (old style) Booksy B on their shop fascia.

Our colours are:
black #000000
white #ffffff
teal #05cfa6 for actions/highlights

Our fonts are:
Poppins Extra Bold for headlines
Proxima Nova regular for all other text

Waterman and Webb have our (old style) Booksy logo on their shop outdoor wall sign advising clients how to book in with them.

To ensure your clients know where to book and how we strongly advise you to use your direct subdomain name. The best thing is, it’s automatically added when you use our Social Post Creator. For more information, read our Social Post Creator blog. 

When you use the Social Poster Creator your subdomain appears across the bottom.
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Thanks to Bully’s BarbershopWaterman and Webb and, Hair For Men Lewes.