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Social Post Creator

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You asked and we listened! Your social media publishing suite is complete.

Phase three of, what was our customisable digi-flyers but aptly renamed Social Post Creator, has been launched! You will be able to make this feature your social media publishing centre and send your posts out from here, complete with your own images and text. You can access it directly from here.

Phase One: images with selected texts
Phase Two: Editable texts and more images
Phase Three: Add your own images

Learn about your Social Post Creator here.


What is a digi-flyer?

It’s not a flying digital monster from yesteryear but a quirky abbreviation we used for digital flyers, aka social media posts.

These posts advertise to your clients your availability, offers and encourages them to book in with you via the app.

How do I use a digi-flyer?

Glad you asked! Open your Booksy Biz App> More> Social Post Creator.

From there you pick a template, choose the image and the text you want to use.

Why should I use digi-flyers?

For one, in the first couple of weeks from launching those that used them saw a spike of nearly 12% extra client bookings. We suspect this will rise with regular use.
Secondly, it’s free and simple marketing to invite your clients to book in with you. Take advantage!

What do I do if you don’t have the content I need?

Tell us! We LOVE hearing our user’s great ideas and half of Booksy wouldn’t have happened without invaluable feedback. Chances are if it’s not specific to your brand, other businesses may be thinking the same thing so let us know and we’ll see whether it’s something we ought to add.

Remember to post regularly as social media algorithms only show one post of 10% of your audience!

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