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Booksy Introduces Inventory

Booksy Introduces Inventory

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Say goodbye to time-consuming stock checks, and hello to Inventory! ✅

Let’s face it, managing your stock can be time-consuming, complicated and is often overwhelming. So let Booksy remove that headache… introducing, Inventory.

Booksy’s new Inventory feature lets you easily monitor product sales and usage for both your professional and retail products, optimise stock levels and trigger automatic sends to your suppliers for purchase orders, fully tailored to the needs of your business.

Manage your real time Inventory, across multiple storage locations

Handwritten records are often difficult to manage, trace and there is more of a chance that incorrect product data can be holding your business back. Our Inventory feature will help you stay organised by having the ability to access and analyse inventory tracking. With real time tracking, you’ll be able to keep track of product movement, make improvements in the supply process, and organize your business better. 

With just a few easy clicks in your Booksy Biz web browser, you’ll be able to upload data in bulk or individually. Once you’ve uploaded your data, you’ll receive updates on where your items are located.

Maximise your revenue and reduce stress by staying stocked

Manual stock checks by hand can lead to loss in revenue from inaccurate purchase orders and waste. With Inventory, you’ll be able to capture the right data at the right time to avoid any inaccurate inventory levels – so you can wave goodbye to those panicked dashes to your local supply shop!

Holding too much inventory can ultimately affect the cash flow of the business. When stock is just sitting in storage or on the shelves and not being sold, ultimately it’s another way of losing funds for the business. Excessive inventory can also take up unnecessary shelf space and is more likely that products will expire. Selling out-of-date products is a safety risk for customers and can result in items being thrown out which is a total loss, and nobody wants that.

Inventory will be able to track your product movement and see what items are trending, or what your slow-movers are, by receiving real time notifications when products are running low or full, which means you’ll be able to successfully stick to your businesses budgets by buying the perfect amount of products to meet demand.

Take back your time with Quick Orders

Gone are the days where you have to carry out those long-winded repetitive product orders. Inventory’s Quick Orders will save you a serious amount of time by eliminating the extra manual steps, and give yourself more time to focus on providing a great service to your clients.

Everything is in real time, so no need to worry about ordering more than you need to. Quick Orders helps you calculate exactly how much stock you need to have at any given time. Quick Orders also allows you to set up completely customisable product reports and set bespoke reorder thresholds based on your needs. And, you can make your life that little bit easier by  using the automatic order function when the supply hits your chosen minimum level.

Want to learn more? Check out our handy How-To video on Inventory below or open up the helpchat in the Booksy Biz app to speak to our friendly Customer Success team.