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Be prepared with our latest feature: Health and Safety Rules

Be prepared with our latest feature: Health and Safety Rules

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As the health and beauty industry has been given a date to work towards for re-opening, it’s time to start thinking about how you will make your business a safer place, for both you and your clients. To help you introduce any new safety regulations that you might bring into your workplace once you reopen, we’ve launched a new feature – Health and Safety Rules. This tool will help you easily plan measures to take and showcase to your clients through your Booksy profile that health and safety is truly paramount.

List all the precautionary measures you’re going to introduce with our new feature, Health and Safety Rules. It’s a list of predefined rules to choose and to present on your Booksy profile to let your clients know how important customer safety is to you and what you do to provide safe services to them. It also provides a space for you to add any additional custom measures you are implementing.

How to add Health and Safety Rules?

  1.   Go to your Booksy Biz app > More > Business profile > Health and Safety Rules, or simply click here.

2.  Check the rules you follow in your shop. If you take any other extra measures, click Describe more (optional) to expand the list with additional rules. Then click Save.

Now your Health and Safety Rules are visible on your profile to clients so they can feel fully comfortable while visiting when you’re ready to reopen. 

For more detailed instruction, please watch our video below:


Remember that turning Health and Safety Rules on, will automatically turn the #TipNowBookNow feature off, which you may have been using during Covid-19 pandemic, to allow your clients to tip you ahead of their future appointments.

Check out what other safety steps you can take to re-open your shop once restrictions have been lifted. Discover our new features like Online Services and Custom Forms to help you prepare yourself to bounce right back into business.

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