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Introducing Booksy to Your Clients

Introducing Booksy to Your Clients

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At Booksy we understand that not all clients will download the app straight away, so we have put together our top tips and best practices when it comes to getting your clients using the Booksy client app and how you can make the most out of social channels and marketing features! 

1 – Show them how easy it is

Whilst your customer is in the seat, show them how easy Booksy is! Show them which app to download and get them to create an account there and then. This will ensure that when the client wants to revisit , they will know how to book instead of calling you or just walking in. This also gives you an extra client on your database.

2 – Post frequently about Booksy

Post frequently on all your social media channels to help get the word out that you are now on Booksy. The more you post about us, the more clients will get the idea that this is how you are now running your business. 

3 – Share your subdomain links

Sharing your unique subdomain and CDL links is important because when a client clicks, they will be directed to download the Booksy client app if they haven’t already. Find our unique links within settings > connectors and widgets.


4 – Book now buttons

Book now buttons are an amazing feature which is integrated with your Booksy profile. Add these to your Instagram and Facebook pages so clients can easily and quickly book in with you, adding a professional touch to your channels. 


5 – Invite clients 

Easily invite your clients straight from your phone contacts, email contacts and Facebook friends to download the app. One simple message can make your contacts aware that you are now using Booksy.


6 – Booksy branding 

Display posters, window stickers and signs in your shop to remind clients about Booksy. Promote how easy it is to use and encourage clients to easily download the app with the use of our QR codes. You can access a variety of printable materials via our new Digital Welcome Boxes to help you promote Booksy in your own personal style. Access all the materials at

7 – Social Post creator on Booksy

Booksy’s very own social post creator feature is designed to help you with content creating. It’s linked different areas of your Booksy profile so you can easily post reviews, workplace images or even choose one of our unique template images to upload straight to your social media channels. 


Want to find out more or have any questions?
Join Booksy Consultant Jaden for his latest webinar ‘Introducing Booksy To Your Clients‘ to find out more tips and get any of your questions answered. Register your place at or watch the recording on our BooksyUK YouTube channel here. 

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