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Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Offering Mobile Services

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Offering Mobile Services

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Ready to make sure that every loyal client still looks great and feels great, even if they don’t want to leave their homes to come into the shop or salon? Then it’s time to start offering Mobile Services, our latest feature.

We created this new tool to make sure that Booksy business owners are able to reach their customers who still want to stay at home or in the office in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Services lets you bring your skill sets directly to the doorsteps of your clients in a fresh, new way. It also lets people take advantage of your creativity, experience, and expertise without stepping outside of their comfort zone.

This feature was designed for all of our beauty and wellness experts, which includes hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers, makeup experts, personal trainers, and wellness providers.

Read on to learn more information about how to start offering Mobile Services, simply by opening your Booksy Biz app.

Find out how it can help your business generate more income, while letting you adapt to some of the drastic changes that have taken place over the past few months.


Get Back to Business Faster

Offering Mobile Services can and will help you get back to business faster. Open the Booksy Biz app today and select “Business Profile.” Then click “Business Location & Mobile Services” and get ready to make decisions on how to run your business in minutes.

Mobile Services gives you the power to set up fees, pricing, maximum travel distance, and location related accommodations for travel requests. Through Mobile Services, you will have the power to confirm every appointment to make sure that it’s within your reach.

Keep in mind that you will always be able to adjust important details like travel fees and propose those changes to each client. This lets you come out of the shutdown with yet another resource to generate income using the skills that you’ve mastered.

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Appeal to the Needs of Customers 

Although barbershops and salons have been open for months in some areas across the country, many of your clients may still be reluctant to step outside for a haircut or trim. And that’s because many people still want to avoid crowded spaces.

So, even if you’re an absolute expert in your craft and your business has taken all of the necessary steps to keep the safety and health of clients in mind, it may be easier to cater to the men and women who feel more comfortable in their own homes or offices, where you can easily showcase your talent.

Use the app today to start offering Mobile Services. We’ve made it easy for you to share your schedule with loyal clients and let them suggest a time and place within your travel radius. Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from servicing your regulars. Instead, give them the opportunity to take advantage of your services from inside their home.


Reach New Clients

Expand your reach by taking your services on the road. Mobile Services lets you access a new pool of clients, who want beauty, grooming, and wellness services but don’t want to risk coming in contact with others. Choose the areas you want to serve and bring your expertise to them.

Many of the clients who want Mobile Services will be requesting them because of the recommendations to stay at home. But Mobile Services is designed to help you work anywhere. Once you start using this feature, you will be able to service special events, corporate parties, or even fashion shows.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your reach and offer services to more people. You have the power to access new clientele today simply by deciding when and where you want to begin working.

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Earn Additional Revenue

If you’re a business owner who wasn’t able to work for weeks due to the shutdown, let yourself get back into the groove of generating a nice profit. Set up Mobile Services instead of extending your hours and paying additional fees in rent and utilities at a specific location.

By utilising Mobile Services, your business will be able to generate additional income outside of the times and dates that you’re paying for space inside a salon, barbershop, or wellness center. Offering in-home, Mobile Services lets you provide haircuts, styling, nail designs, or wellness treatments with minimal business expenses.

Also remember that you will be able to charge a much higher rate than inside the salon or shop. And that’s because you’ll be traveling to each one of these customers. People will most likely tip extra to show their appreciation for your efforts.

Become More Independent

Get ready to take full advantage of your independence and decide exactly where and when you work each day. With Mobile Services, the amount of time, number of hours, and location that you work are fully up to you with minimal overhead costs.

The Mobile Services feature lets you give people the opportunity to book appointments at their home or office. But you still have the ability to invite clients into your shop or salon. Grow your business today and make use of this added freedom.

Whether it’s a home, office, wedding, or an on-location photo shoot—the possibilities are limitless. Access thousands of clients who are waiting for you and become a truly independent professional.

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To learn more information about how to start offering Mobile Services, watch and learn from this video. We created this content to help you master this new tool with ease.