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Five Ways to Use Booksy to Earn Extra Income

Five Ways to Use Booksy to Earn Extra Income

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If you’re a Booksy business owner who’s looking for a few new ways to earn extra income without making changes to your daily routine—then this article is just for you.

At Booksy, we understand that COVID-19 forced many salons and barbershops to close their doors for weeks, so that people could avoid coming in contact with one another, as recommended by health and safety officials across the country.

Now that many industry experts have reopened their doors and become acclimated to performing more rigorous cleaning routines, we created this article to make sure that business owners know to use the BooksyBiz app to generate extra income during this time.

All of these tips are easy to access, simple to follow, and won’t make any additional demands on your schedule, because that’s not what you need right now. Instead, this advice is an important reminder about features we’ve created, which business owners can take advantage of today.

Activate Boost

For those who don’t already know, Boost is our premium marketing tool kit. We designed it to make sure Booksy users could generate more revenue by getting a boost in our search results. It helps businesses attract new customers, and it entices regulars to come back for more.

Every Booksy business owner is eligible to activate Boost to start bringing in new clients. Boost gives Booksy profiles additional exposure by ranking them higher in our search engine. And that added attention means more online traffic, which translates to more bookings.

According to our data, the Booksy businesses that generate the most revenue used Boost to double the number of returning clients who regularly book appointments.

There’s no fee to pay, if you sign up with Boost. So, your subscription stays the same. But whenever we bring you a client via Boost, we do charge a commission on that new client’s first visit. After that any income generated from a client brought to you via Boost is all yours.

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Refer a business!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn extra income is to refer business owners to Booksy. Since you already know the benefits of using Booksy, that puts you in a great position to earn additional money by recommending Booksy to other industry experts.

Whenever you recommend someone, who activates a Booksy account, you earn £50. It’s that simple. Share your experience with people in the industry. Talk to them about the increased revenue, reduced stress, and COVID-19 tools. Then let us reward you for your efforts!

Open the BooksyBiz app to access your referral link and code. Then share your unique link and code with a friend or family member. We recommend sending them a predefined message. And tell that business owner to use your code, while signing up with Booksy.

Once the business you invited purchases a subscription at Booksy, we’ll send £50 directly to your account. Keep track of your referrals in the ‘Invite your friends’ section in the app.

Set Up eGift Cards 

By now, you probably already know that Booksy lets business owners advertise and sell eGift Cards that customers may buy for themselves. And those eGift Cards can be redeemed for treatments at a later date.

But you may not know that we recently made it possible for customers to buy eGift Cards for their friends and family. Let loyal clients purchase eGift Cards for others and earn extra income today. Take comfort in knowing that your schedule will be booked for the future.

Another benefit to using eGift cards is that the entire process is contact free, which totally eliminates the need for exchanging cash. Remember that health officials are still asking people to avoid using cash, because it can spread germs that cause COVID-19.

Choose the name, price, and value of the eGift card. Decide how clients will be able to pay for the eGift card—choose PayPal, Venmo, or have them send funds directly to your bank account. And whenever a customer purchases an eGift Card, you’ll receive a notification via email. It’s that easy!

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Stay in Touch with Clients

If you haven’t mastered our marketing tools, which are designed specifically for Booksy users—now is the perfect time. These features were created to help you attract more attention from clients and keep them engaged. And more customers means more income. During this time, we particularly recommend sending Message Blasts.

Send mass emails and texts to existing customers. Entice them to book appointments by setting up promotions, such as Happy Hours, Last Minute Discounts, or Flash Sales. Advertise those deals with creative messages.

Major corporations regularly use this successful strategy to bring in loads of customers. Make sure you follow their example and take advantage of this easy to use Message Blast feature located in the Marketing section of the Booksy Biz app.

In addition to sending messages instantly, you can also send messages periodically. Remind clients of future appointments or send messages when clients meet certain criteria. For example, you can set up reminders that send clients a message on their birthday. Checking in on clients makes them feel appreciated and that translates into more repeat business.

Offer Mobile Services

Another feature that we recently set up is the Mobile Services tool. Out of all of these tips, this one might take a little bit of planning. But the end result will be tapping into a client base who wants beauty and wellness services without leaving their homes or offices.

Once you start offering Mobile Services, your business will be able to generate additional income outside of the times and dates that you’re paying for space at a salon, barbershop, or wellness center. And Mobile Services lets you offer services with minimal business expenses.

Keep in mind that you will also be able to charge a slightly higher rate, since you’ll be traveling to each of these customers. People will also be more likely to tip extra, as a show of appreciation for your efforts.

Activating Mobile Services means you can offer appointments at homes, offices, special events like weddings, or at a photoshoot. But you still have the ability to invite clients into your shop or salon—the possibilities are limitless. Access more clients and earn extra income today.

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