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Five Ways to Promote and Manage Your Business During the Holidays

Five Ways to Promote and Manage Your Business During the Holidays

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The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re a small business owner that means it’s time to get ready for a little bit of extra demand from your loyal clients. While that may seem normal, keep in mind that this holiday season is unlike any other, due to the pandemic.

Beauty and wellness professionals need to remember that clients may want to stay at home as much as possible this holiday. But even though more people will want to remain indoors, due to the pandemic, that’s not an excuse to put less effort into running and promoting your business.

Become more familiar with the promotional tools in the Booksy app to better manage and fully promote your business this holiday. A number of features are available to every Booksy professional with an active profile and an interest in servicing extra demand this Christmas and New Year’s.

Take a few moments to read through this short article to learn some tips on promoting and running your business during the holidays. Make sure you’ve mastered every resource available to better service clients this very unique holiday season.

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Set up a Sale to Promote Your Business 

Booksy offers a host of features to help small business owners succeed. Downloading the app is only the first step. It’s important to take advantage of these resources, especially during the holidays when there’s more demand for your services.

What better way to promote your business than by offering a quick discount during the holidays? Entice regular customers and newcomers to book appointments on the spot. To make that happen, use Flash Sales, Happy Hours, or Last Minute Discounts.

All three of these marketing tools are designed to help promote your business. Clients are more likely to book appointments if there’s a deal running for a short period of time. So, this holiday season, give clients a quick incentive to act fast and book an appointment on the spot.

All of these short term sales will also give you the opportunity to fill any empty slots in your chair. But just remember that a few minutes of preparation may be in order. And that may come in the form of sending a Message Blast or advertising the sale on your business Instagram account.

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Make Temporary Price Adjustments

This holiday season, if you want to offer a special deal or change your prices on days that are high demand, it’s easy to make temporary price adjustments. Read closely to learn how to quickly and easily make temporary price adjustments using Booksy:

Temporary Price Changes: Using Booksy

  1. Go to More ⟶ Business Profile ⟶ Services and add a new Service. Give it a unique name and add details about the time sensitive price increase in the description. Remember to add the price.
  2. Go to More ⟶ Business Profile ⟶ Resources and add a new Resource.
  3. Assign the newly added Service to the Resource.
  4. Set up Working Hours for the Resource that match the day of the week that you want to offer a discount (i.e. December 24, 2020 is a Thursday, so select Thursday only) and click Save.
  5. Go back to the Resource where you’ll see a third tab called Time Off.

Add “Time Off” for the resource to limit how long this special pricing will apply. For example, if you wanted the price increase to be available on December 24th only, you would mark the time off from the current day until December 23rd and additionally from December 25th onwards.

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Sell eGift Cards this Holiday

People love supporting local shops and neighborhood businesses, throughout the year. But they especially love small businesses during the holidays. Let them show their support and appreciation for your hard work and artistry by offering eGift Cards.

eGift Cards can bring in some extra cash for you this time of year, since customers pay upfront. And take comfort in knowing that your schedule will be booked for the future.

Another benefit to using eGift Cards is that the entire process is contact-free, which totally eliminates the need for exchanging paper money. Remember that health officials are still asking people to avoid using paper money, because it can spread germs that cause COVID-19.

The name, price, and value of the eGift card is totally up to you, and you decide how clients will pay for the eGift card. Accept payments with PayPal, or have clients send funds directly to your bank account. Also know that whenever a customer purchases an eGift Card, you’ll receive a notification via email.


Communicate Better with Message Blasts

To make sure your regulars stay engaged with your clients this holiday season, keep the doors of communication wide open. Use our Message Blasts feature to send mass emails and texts to existing customers. Promote your business by inviting loyal clients to book an extra appointment during the holidays.

Let people know if you’re offering any sales and make absolutely sure that you inform people if your hours are going to change. Keep in mind that major companies depend on these same tools throughout the entire year. Make sure your small business thrives this holiday season and take advantage of this valuable feature.

Keep in mind that you can send a message blast that sends a holiday message while also reminding clients about their upcoming appointments. Sending your clients a holiday message will make them feel appreciated and that easily can translate into more repeat business

This easy to use feature is located in the Marketing section of the Booksy app. So, if you haven’t mastered this powerful marketing tool—now is the perfect time. Messages Blasts were specifically created to help you attract more attention from clients while keeping them engaged.

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Offer Virtual Appointments or Consultations

While it’s always going to be the norm for beauty and wellness professionals to work directly with their clients, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industry experts to step outside of their comfort zones and become more creative in regard to meeting the needs of loyal customers.

This holiday season, help your clients achieve their holiday look by giving them the opportunity to do as much as possible from home. Booksy is fully integrated with Zoom. So, it’s easy to provide online consultation sessions or virtual skin care appointments.

With regards to virtual appointments, fitness sessions are easier than ever. Online fitness classes are another way that wellness instructors may offer a host of online class options ranging in intensity levels to make sure people get fit and stay fit at home. Online courses are also available for fitness boot camps, yoga, and sessions for older adults.

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