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Use These Online Booking Tools to Attract More Clients

Use These Online Booking Tools to Attract More Clients

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Being a business owner means staying one step ahead. And one great way to accomplish that is to make sure you’re familiar with all of the different online booking tools that clients can use to schedule appointments without ever downloading the Booksy app.

To help you get more bookings, we’ve made it easy for people to schedule appointments with Booksy professionals in just a few simple clicks. But despite the ease and functionality of the app, there’s still a host of customers who prefer to use the other online tools.

Read this article to make sure you’re familiar with the different ways that clients can book. Because it’s okay, if customers don’t want to download another app to get in your chair. We’ve made it possible for clients to schedule an appointment wherever they find you. All you have to do is take advantage of these online booking tools today.

Take Advantage of the Booksy Website

People spend over 3.1 hours a day using mobile apps, according to a study published by a leading data analytics group. And that means most of your customers will want to book appointments through the app. But some people may want to use the Booksy website.

If that’s the case, feel free to direct clients to the following link: Make sure to bookmark our website for easy access, especially if a new client or customer has questions and wants to learn a little more information about Booksy before scheduling.

Our website has a host of details for new customers, who want to learn about the leading scheduling app for beauty and wellness professionals. Be prepared to direct new clients to the site. And if a client decides they want to download the app, our website lets them do just that.

Use Reserve with Google 

While it may seem obvious to direct clients to the website, using Reserve with Google is a step that some business owners may not know about. Reserve with Google lets people discover your business, find out your availability, and schedule an appointment after performing a simple Google Search.

New users can use Reserve with Google to choose the service they want, along with the time and staffer of their choice without actually leaving the page Google search history. Whenever a client books through Reserve with Google, it works just like scheduling through the app without actually downloading it.

This means that everything will stay organised in one calendar. You’ll also have just as much control over your bookings. And you’ll have access to all of the booking information for that client. Simply put, Reserve with Google is just another way that Booksy can help fill your schedule.

Earn Clients from Instagram and Facebook

Another one of the online booking tools that first-time clients can take advantage of without ever downloading the app is available through social media. If you haven’t already created a business page on Instagram and Facebook, then definitely take advantage of those resources today.

And that’s because Instagram followers and Facebook users who view your business profile on either of those two networking sites can use Booksy to schedule an appointment without ever downloading our app, which really can make the booking process a seamless experience.

Keep in mind that the next time a new client sees the Instagram profile or Facebook page that you created to showcase your best work—that first time customer can book an appointment with you in seconds without ever navigating away from your Instagram or Facebook page.

Forward Customers to Your Profile

Let us help you create a unique web link  that sends online traffic directly to your Booksy profile. Just like our other online booking tools, creating a unique web link should help you attract new clients. And those new customers who see the link won’t have to download the app to schedule an appointment.

Feel free to publish the unique link anywhere online. But know that it works best if published on a website that already advertises your work. For example, this tool works perfectly if you have a business webpage that you created using a simple website builder like Wix.

When clients click your link, they’ll be able to book in a few moments. Customers will be able to find a list of your services, your prices, and your availability. And if you have multiple staffers working at your shop or salon, this tool lets people book with the professional of their choice.

Get the Most Out of Yelp

Our final piece of advice to help you attract those clients who may not want to download another app is to take advantage of the customers who visit your Yelp business page. Once again, none of this requires any advanced technical knowledge.

All you have to do is add your forwarding link to your Yelp Listing, so that people who visit your Yelp Listing will be redirected to a page that lets them book within seconds. And their booking experience will be just as easy as navigating through the Booksy app.

Just like the other tips, this step doesn’t require any downloading, which may appeal to some of the people who see your work online. Remember that most people use the internet everyday. Take full advantage of that traffic and start using online booking tools today to make sure potential clients can book easily and more conveniently.

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