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Top Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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If you find it difficult to wind down for the festive period, you’re not alone. Check out our tips below on how you can switch off and recharge and get some well deserved rest over Christmas.

Start With a Plan 

Take a few minutes to jot down a list of all of the chores that will need to be finished, which includes gift shopping, picking up groceries, or making arrangements to travel.

Thankfully, taking this step means you’ll be able to pick up everything ahead of time and avoid last-minute shopping sprees, late-night trips to the grocer, or hectic holiday weekend crowds.

Creating a short list will make it easier, because you’ll have a plan to make sure things stay calm, cool, and under control.

Making a list

Make Time for Yourself 

It’s time to not think about work or your clients and take some well deserved time off. Attend a yoga session, get a relaxing hot towel shave, book a session at a boutique nail salon, or schedule a holiday hair appointment (dependent on your local restrictions).

Revitalizing is more important than most people think, so relax and recharge, even if your main motivation is to give yourself the bandwidth to help others enjoy the season.

Avoid Rushing

Rushing doesn’t always help productivity. A lot of the time, it simply leads to headaches or nausea. And it’ll raise your stress levels, which will make people around you feel stressed out.

Alternatively, take your time, regardless of the task at hand. Remember to slow down, steer clear of multitasking, and prioritize all of your tasks.

Stay organized

Recruit Help

It’s the holidays! And that means it’s okay to ask for help. Take a few moments to delegate some of the responsibilities and let your family bond in the experience of making Christmas a success.

Although it may sound like a surprise, most people would rather pitch-in, as opposed to watching a host scramble to get things ready or seeing a relative sweat beads while packing.

Simply assign a couple of small tasks, as opposed to silently encouraging loved ones to stand around, while you nervously bite into your Christmas nails or pull out strands of holiday hair.

Give Personalised Gifts

To help save a little bit of time and money, try giving gifts that will inspire an emotional connection, as opposed to gifting a bunch of items that can be bought at any major mall.

Holiday cookies are a great idea, because they can be a warm, sweet treat. And old family photos, which can be framed and gift wrapped, will also make for a great gift. This’ll help reduce the amount of time you’ll spend throwing elbows, drowning in a sea of shoppers, or waiting in ridiculously long lines.

Cookies for Christmas

Enjoy the Holiday 

This year has certainly been a challenge for the health & beauty industry and with many unexpected changes arising, we’re here to remind you that you’ve been here before and you can overcome any obstacles again! Take the time to soak in every precious minute, because this season only comes around once a year.

However you may be spending Christmas this year due to the restrictions, take time for yourself and remember how far you’ve come in 2020!

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