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Get the #1 app for personal trainers, yoga tutors and fitness instructors. Fill your calendar quickly, help your clients stay fit during COVID-19 and take advantage of online tools via Zoom.

#1 app for personal trainers, yoga tutors and fitness coaches

Get your callendar filled quickly and help your clients stay fit even during COVID-19, with new online services via Zoom.

Taking appointments 24/7

You can’t be available to clients 24/7… but Booksy can. Our app lets clients book with you anywhere, anytime. Customers will also be able to schedule appointments via Instagram, Facebook and Google.


You will be able to advertise your services with a personalised marketing campaign (via Emails, SMS & push messages), while turning social media followers on Facebook and Instagram into new clients.


Sell memberships and earn money 100% upfront. Be confident that your clients will continue training and investing in your sessions.

Get Booking Peace of Mind

One app for you + One app for your clients = Booksy: the easiest system to manage your business and receive online payments.

Grow your client base, attract more business and stand out from the crowd. Let us work with you and help you set up new marketing strategies like Flash Sales, Last Minute Discounts and Happy Hours.

Get more clients

Booksy Online Services lets you host training sessions remotely via Zoom with a simple, no-fuss set-up, just the usual booking method your clients know and love.

How does it work?

Build your brand and grow your business anywhere, anytime,
with Booksy Online Services.

Your clients will book with you as usual. But with Booksy Online Services, you both get a Zoom link that tells you where to meet online. When it's time to begin the session, turn on your camera and microphone. Then say ‘hello’ to start training!

Empower your clients through online personal training sessions or help them find their zen during yoga classes.

Reach new customers—you no longer have to limit your potential to your neighbourhood or city.

Pick up where you left off, if a session gets interrupted. Remember that clients may need to reschedule more than ever, due to COVID-19.

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