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What makes Booksy Gift Cards so special?

New sales opportunities

Introduce Gift Cards to your business. Try our new tool to reach out to clients, sell services for future & start growing your revenue today.

Create Gift Cards your clients will love! Create a catchy name and define price & value. Create a tool that suits your business needs.

Tailored to your needs

You create & sell your Gift Cards 100% online and the Booksy app makes it easy to the customers to always keep them on hand.

100% online

Why Gift Cards from Booksy are perfect for your business.

Introducing Gift cards to your business is a perfect idea if you want to:

  • Increase your upfront income. Customers purchase the full Gift Card upfront, which gives you a boost in your upfront cash flow. This can be especially beneficial to your business during these current unprecedented times
  • Boost your sales. Discover new opportunities to sell your services: Use Gift Cards to promote bundled offers as well as new and limited services.
  • Promote your brand & attract new clients. Gift Cards are an easy way for your existing clients to introduce your business to their friends and family.
  • Retain customers, build their loyalty and make sure their money is spent in your salon.
How to start?

Start selling Gift Cards right now!

Look how:

  • Open your Booksy Biz app. Go to the Business Profile > Gift Cards > Available.
  • Simply add a new Gift Card. Define a name, price & value and choose the payment method you prefer.
  • Saved Gift Cards will appear in your Booksy profile in 'Gift Cards' section, ready to sell.
  • Once your customer orders and pays for a Gift Card, you'll get notified by Email. And that's it!

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Create a Gift Card now!

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How do I promote my Gift Cards to my clients?
What are available payment options?

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