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5 Beauty Splurge Services to Treat Yourself to This Summer

5 Beauty Splurge Services to Treat Yourself to This Summer

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We don’t need a national day literally called “Splurge Day” to treat ourselves…but it definitely helps! June 18th is National Splurge Day and we’re here for it. Whether you book recurring beauty treatments or there’s a big milestone coming up, it always feels good to treat your body with a beauty service that it’s craving! From hair, to nails, to skin, there’s something up everyone’s ally for a feel-good beauty splurge that you deserve. Here are our top 5 favorites.


Low maintenance girls rejoice! Balayage is very similar to highlights, except the service doesn’t use foils. The color is painted onto your hair and is meant to produce a more gradual, natural look. When your hair grows out, it’s not nearly as obvious and the need for getting a touch-up isn’t so urgent. Balayage takes time and skill from your hairstylist, so it’s definitely a more expensive option. It’s common for stylists to offer a partial or full balayage (half of your head, or all), so you can choose how much color to add to your hair. For summer, it’s great for brightening up your locks and adding some low-maintenance flair to your routine!

Gel Tip Extensions

Gel extensions have made their splash in the nail industry these last few years. If acrylics aren’t your thing or you’re ready to try something new, splurge on gel extensions! Also called gel tips, this service includes a completely fake gel nail that’s glued onto your natural nail. It’s then painted with the gel color of your choice. You can pick your shape and length, and can expect this style to stay at least 2 weeks. They’re great for big events, as they definitely make a statement, or just because. If you’re looking to experiment with a new nail shape, these are a great go-to. Because they do take time to apply, again, this generally tends to be a more expensive service, but well worth it. 

Curling or Straightening Treatments

We’ll be the first to tell you, your natural hair is beautiful the way it is. However, summer time can mean humidity, and your usual heat routine may not do the trick when you’re trying to tame your locks. An example of a straightening treatment would be Keratin, which doesn’t need to fully take away natural curl, but more so defuse frizz and maintain a more relaxed curl from your natural hair. An example for a curling treatment would be something of a perm, which gives your hair bounce and curl that stays for anywhere between 2 and 10 months! Although another beauty splurge, it can last long enough to make it feel worth it.

Hot Stone Massage

Heck, ANY massage! Stress balls up in our back and shoulders and only builds as we compensate for the discomfort. Treat yourself with a massage to really settle into summer and defrag a bit. The purpose of hot stone massage is the same as other massages, to relax and ease muscle tensions throughout the body. The hot stones are a method of massage therapy that help increase that muscle relaxation via heat, more than a massage therapist could do with their hands. Massages are definitely a splurge, but the prices can vary depending on the type you book, and for how long. Our advice: always book the longer one! The worst part of a massage is when the therapist tells you it’s over—stay as long as you can!

A woman getting a hot stone massage.Facials

While these don’t come cheap, your skin will thank you. It’s smart to see a dermatologist first and see what they recommend for you with the status of your skin. Common facials include acne reduction, lymphatic massage, acupuncture, laser resurfacing, the list really does go on! Getting a classic facial is never a bad idea, but why not check the box on the “good for my body” list while engaging in a beauty splurge at the same time? If you want to start simple, a classic facial usually includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing. Depending on where you go, the price may vary but your skin will definitely feel those beauty splurge vibes. 

A good beauty splurge is good for the soul. Whether it’s been a stressful time, you don’t have a free second to yourself, or just because, you should always feel like you deserve to splurge on yourself with a fun and pampering beauty service. Take advantage this National Splurge Day and book on Booksy today!