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8 Celeb Bobs to Obsess Over – and Copy

8 Celeb Bobs to Obsess Over – and Copy

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ATTN Bob Squad: It’s always bob season, which means we look to our icons who walk the carpet and rule the tabloids for style inspo. The best thing about bobs? They’re versatile and easy to manage, making it totally okay to change it up often. However, there is such thing as a butchered bob. “Bob hair styles can get a bit technical when it comes to the actual cut,” @sallysbaby says, “Balance is a key component in a good bob haircut, whether it’s symmetrical or asymmetrical.” Make sure you’re booking with someone whose hands know their way around a bob style. That being said, it’s time to feast your eyes on the best of the bobs, celeb style.

zendaya looking into the camera
Zendaya’s smize alone has us needing this look. Mid-neck length, a smidge longer in the front, shorter in the back and an edgy party on top, rocking the uneven bangs.


Kerry Washington is making a school-girl style sexy with subtle waves and brow length bangs. It’s a cute, flirty, and fun style that works for any look.

Queen B is here to show up all the inverted bobs that ever existed. Dark roots, blonde strands, sided part. This is a [Sasha] Fierce look.
We couldn’t pick between these looks because we’re obsessed with both. Ciara and Jordan Dunn called each other before they both decided on the wavy, side parted, earlobe length, and effortless bob. Throw a teasing party on your crown and you have a style that will turn all the heads.


We can’t throw a bob gala without one of the Kardashian’s, right? Kim keeps it classic and sleek with the Egyptian-styled, middle part, mid-neck length look. You can’t go wrong here.


Jada is keeping it timeless, with the side part, brushed out curls and hidden barrette style. If it’s wrong for this look to remain in style, we don’t want to be right.


Bobs gone wild! And we don’t want it tamed any time soon. Keri Hilson looked like she did one big hair flip, hair sprayed it, and walked out of the house — and it looks amazing. Point for Keri.


Actress Yara Shahidi is bringing au naturale curls to the bob stage. We see volume, texture, and attitude with this style, and we want. it. all.

Bobs are the ultimate hair refresher. They’re statement-makers and always compliment-worthy. What does your hair want (and need) right now? Which look above speaks to you and your locks? Experiment with something new to see what works for you. If our favorite celebrities can do it, so can we, right? 



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