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A Barber’s Guide to the Best World Cup Hairstyles of 2018

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The term “soccer hair” wasn’t always a compliment. In the past, it invoked images of the “business in the front, party in the back” style that dominated the pitch throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Thankfully, World Cup hairstyles have evolved from dorky to dapper. The soccer mullet has been replaced by the fútbol fade, and the players of the 2018 FIFA World Cup are now seen as global trendsetters for men’s hairstyles.

This is not a good look, guys. Trust us.

Short hair and clean, tight fades were officially the most popular World Cup hairstyles in 2018. Today, legions of fans are heading to their barbers to get these looks.

The good news for barbers is that there’s a soccer haircut for every texture of hair, so you have something to offer anyone who walks in the shop. Getting hip to these styles will have your clients screaming “gooooaaaallll!!!!” as they walk out of your shop with their fists raised in triumph. (Hopefully, they’ll have the restraint not to tear off their shirts.)

Let’s take a look at the top 5 World Cup hairstyles for 2018.

Toni Kroos, Germany

The German midfielder’s light fade with a comb over looks as good with a soccer uniform as it does with a suit and tie. Easy to maintain, it’s the perfect no-fuss cut that’s perfect for men with straight hair. (Learn the cut here.)

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Sporting a light mid fade with a high, hard part carved in with a razor, the Portuguese striker has never looked sharper. This is a great haircut for men who have coarse or frizzy hair, as it gives a little more shape and style than a traditional buzz. (Learn the cut here.)

William Troost-Ekong, Nigeria

He’s made some dodgy decisions with his hair in the past, but this year the superstar defender for Nigeria looked like a champion. A low bald fade with natural hair provides the foundation of this look, but it’s the dramatic green stripe that really makes a statement. (Learn the cut here.)

Tomoaki Makino, Japan

With his inky-black hair and perfectly crafted undercut comb over combo, the Japanese defender looks like he could walk straight off the pitch and into a boardroom. For clients with Asian hair, this World Cup hairstyle is the perfect combination of sporty and sophisticated. (Learn the cut here.)

Olivier Giroud, France

Rocking a full natural beard with a pompadour isn’t a look that every man can pull off. But with the right hair (thick, with lots of body), it’s possible to look both elegant and manly, just like the star forward for France. (Learn the cut here.)

As the most-watched sporting event in the world, every four years the World Cup delivers thrills, chills, and heartache to soccer fans all around the globe. As the game has evolved, so have the hairstyles. Will 2022 see the return of the mullet? Only time will tell (although we really, really hope not).

Until then, enjoy crafting the clean-cut hairstyles of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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