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Academy Beauty Salon: Why Barbers and Clients Love Booksy

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Like most barbers, Will Alexander of the Academy Beauty Salon in Providence, Rhode Island, faced the same problem day in and day out: scheduling. “The most stressful thing with clients is dealing with texting,” he says. “Finding room, people cancelling at the last minute, people calling you at night….it’s {stressful}.” So, Will turned to the solution that thousands of successful barbers have trusted to manage their scheduling: Booksy.

Working with Booksy has been a game changer for the busy barber. “I’ve been with Booksy for two years, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Alexander. Since then, he’s eliminated the frustration of managing his schedule, allowing him to focus on his passion: cutting hair.

Working with Booksy hasn’t just made Will’s life easier—his clients love it too. “It used to be very frustrating to book a haircut…Booksy has completely changed my experience,” says Michael, a regular client of the Academy Beauty Salon. It’s also inspired him to bring more business to the shop.

“I refer a lot of clients to Will,” says Michael, “{Booksy} gives them the peace of mind to just go on an app and book when they need a haircut.” Increasing referrals and bookings isn’t unique to the Academy Beauty Salon: Businesses who use Booksy experience an average increase of 38% in client visits.

Watch the video below to learn how Booksy has helped eliminate the stress of scheduling for Will Alexander and how it’s making life easier for his clients.

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