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Beard oil can work miracles on keeping your beard soft and shiny

Beard oil can work miracles on keeping your beard soft and shiny

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Real men don’t cry, don’t go to a hair salon and they definitely don’t use any cosmetics. Do not be fooled by this stereotype. Statistics show that men’s cosmetics, especially grooming products are among the fastest-growing segments in the beauty industry. It seems that the modern bearded macho man puts a lot of effort into maintaining perfect facial hair. And it’s not an easy task.  beard - booksy (2) Every bearded man knows that awesome beards are harder to achieve than they seem. Thankfully, there are many products you can use to make your beard look impressive. One of them is beard oil. If it isn’t already in your beard care kit, you should add it immediately.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a type of beard conditioner that is considered beneficial to growing and maintaining all types of beards. It contains natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, rosemary or hempseed oil – all rich in nutrients and easily absorbed by the skin and hair. The first men that started using beard oil were Native Americans who lived in rough and dry climate. They just needed to keep their beards moisturized. Yet, it wasn’t until the 1930’s until beard oil became commercially available. You need to know that the most popular ingredient for beard oils is jojoba oil. It’s the only oil that closely resembles human sebum – the oil your body naturally produces to waterproof and lubricate your skin and beard. That’s why it’s so effective.

The benefits of using beard oil

Beard lovers say that if you only buy one product for your beard, make it top quality beard oil. Why? Beard oils moisturize the skin under the beard, which gets really dry when you wash your face. Oils encourage healthy hair growth and condition the skin underneath. Shortly speaking, beard oil can help with most of the problems associated with growing a beard, like: dry skin, itchy face or ingrown hair. Some even claim to help your beard grow quicker. What is more, beard oil is a great grooming tool itself. It can help keep your beard looking its best. The hydrating ingredients make your facial hair soft and shiny. Don’t be afraid that beard oil will weigh down your beard or make it feel greasy – nothing further from the truth. It will just make your protruding hair look tidy.

The best time to apply beard oil

The best possible time to put oil in your beard is right after a warm shower – the pores are open and the beard oil will work itself into the skin. The length and thickness of your beard will determine how much beard oil you need to use. The average beard requires 6-8 drops a day. Just pour the oil into the palm of your hand. Then rub your hands together, and from the chin up gently massage the oils into the skin and hair.

So many products to choose from!

So… don’t wait – show your beard the affection it deserves and add beard oil to your daily routine.

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