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Bella Cristies Little Wax Studio Keeps it Smooth With Booksy

Bella Cristies Little Wax Studio Keeps it Smooth With Booksy

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Getting waxed is not always fun. It’s suspenseful, uncomfortable, and temporarily painful. Yet, customers line up outside of Bella Cristies Little Wax Studio for two reasons: smooth skin and the gentle touch of Ali Martinez, the founder and owner of the salon. “My personality is my differentiator,” she says. “You have to make people feel comfortable in this business.” 

Learn how Ali Martinez grows her waxing business with Booksy.

How did you get into waxing?

I originally got into waxing by applying to an ad that I saw and it took off from there. I didn’t even know that I’d love it as much as I do. 

Why do people come to you versus other waxing studios?

People come to me for that sense of comfort. Just from looking at my profile, right off the bat {they know} that this is a no-judgment zone. Not to steal that from Planet Fitness, but it’s true!

What are your most common services?

I specialize in Brazilian and full body waxing. But most recently we are doing back, booty, face, and “vajacials” as I like to call them.

How did you get into Booksy?

Originally, Booksy walked into my life. I was working somewhere when a rep came in and spoke to me a little bit about Booksy. It definitely piqued my interest. 

Ali knows the Booksy app is always doing work for her in the background.
How has Booksy helped grow your business and your clientele?

Booksy has helped my business grow immensely. It’s amazing. Prior to Booksy, I was using a different scheduling system, but I had to look into other outlets for marketing and things like that. 

They say waxing isn’t just for the ladies anymore. So we decided to find out for ourselves.

How do you market yourself with Booksy? 

Marketing on Booksy is so easy. You can send out a message blast and share your portfolio photos with clients. I always make sure I have the most current services on my profile so that potential clients can look and see what I offer, and so my current clients can be pleasantly surprised when they see something new being offered. Letting them know about new services with the message blasts is a no-brainer.

When you first started using Booksy, how easy was it to transition your business? 

The transition to Booksy was extremely easy. Transferring my clients and their information is  really easy. Then, you give them a link to download the app and BAM! They start booking. 

How do you use Booksy to differentiate yourself and your services?

I feel like through Booksy it’s easier for me to differentiate myself and put myself out there a little more because I’m able to show my personality through my Booksy profile. When customers go to my page to book they can see the space they’ll be walking into and the smiling face that will greet them.

Here is that bright, smiling face Ali welcomes her clients with.
How do your clients like Booksy?

My clients absolutely love Booksy. They love having control over their own services and their own appointment times. I realize that sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t always make your appointment. It happens. With Booksy, they just click into the app and cancel it without having to notify me at all. That allows me to keep my focus on the client I currently have with me, and additionally to make room for any of my other clients to fill that spot. It’s all happening in the background thanks to Booksy.

In an industry like this where intimate services are offered, what can you say about presenting a professional and authentic business on your profile in order to attract new clients? 

Especially in this kind of industry, it’s really difficult to set yourself apart. Luckily I do services that are a little bit different than other Booksy counterparts. I do a lot of intimate, at times uncomfortable, services for the ladies and I think that helps set me apart. Booksy is a platform that allows me to represent my business professionally. That really matters when it comes to attracting new clients since they don’t know me. It lets them know my services are offered in their area. It’s amazing.

Can you remember a specific time when Booksy helped you out?

Booksy has come in so clutch, so many times. Our clients aren’t the only ones who sometimes wake up feeling icky and need to cancel. For all the days that happens to me, on the days I’m not feeling like being on my phone and being super communicative, I let Booksy do the talking for me. It’s such a relief.


Behind the Scenes at Bella Christies.

Booksy brings me peace of mind by reminding my clients about their appointments for me. It makes me feel like my clients are in good hands. It rocks knowing that I can come into work focusing on my work, and administrative things that are equally important yet time-consuming are done by Booksy.

What’s the difference between Booksy and other scheduling apps that you’ve used?

When looking for a scheduling app, I really wanted to start off with something that was going to stay for the long run. Swapping client info and other business logistics is a lot of work, and I didn’t want to make that a regular thing. When I found Booksy, there was just something about it. From the aesthetic to the ease of set up, the quality of the marketplace, and especially the option to Boost my business. Everything they offered I felt like I needed, and it’s something my clients love and find super easy to navigate. I want everything to be easy for my clients.

Ali Martinez keeps her calendar filled with Boost.

How would you tell other beauty professionals about your trust in Booksy and if you had to convince them to join what would you say?

I have brought over a few of my colleagues to Booksy. They asked me how I liked it and I just ran down a list of my favorite features. I went through the numbers too and basically sold them on that alone. I showed them my beautiful profile online. Right then and there they were at least willing to sign up for their 30-day trial and stuck with it. They love it.

To anyone doing what you’re doing in any capacity, what advice would you give them? Let’s say 10 years ago when you were starting out, what would you tell them? 

Ten years ago…I would say getting an app that helps you build a clientele. Booksy has been invaluable to me and my business, and it’s something I wish I had back then.

When Boost brings a new client in the door, how do you retain that client and show them you’re worth coming back?

The hardest step for any service provider is getting someone through the door. Boost does the initial job for me of attracting them to my establishment. Once they’re through the door, I take the reins and, of course, wow them with my personality and by making them feel super comfortable. 

It’s hard to be a success in the waxing game without a sense of humor.
What differences have you seen in your business since being on Booksy Boost?

I’ve been using Booksy Boost for about five months and it has brought me 62 clients during that time. Sixty-two people who would have never known I was here that are now loyal clients of mine. I don’t even think if I did marketing on my own I could have done that. What a huge bump in my lifestyle. Boost provides better services for my clients and higher quality products for me.  I am super appreciative. Thank you Booksy Boost.

Are you ready to Boost your beauty business?

You heard it right here, Orlando. This industry isn’t getting any less competitive, and if you don’t stand out now your talent will get hidden by the masses. Make the jump and Boost your business in order to Boost your life, as Ali did!



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