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Better Equipped For The Modern Man: Interview with Dale Hince from Cliphouse Barbers

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Just looking on Instagram at Dale Hince from Cliphouse Barbers, you can see he and his team are a cut above. Dale admits it wasn’t always so plain sailing but Booksy has helped him regain control of his business. Read more below.

What lead you to become a barber?
I started as an electrician but it wasn’t the job for me, I followed my dream of becoming a hairdresser and during my 8 years of hairdressing I developed a passion for the men’s hair and barbering. Hairdressing gave me colouring skills which are now trending in men’s grooming so I feel I am better equipped for the modern man.

How do you ensure you keep on improving?
Follow trends and ask yourself “could I cut that like that” if not then dig deep and find out ‘how to’. It’s important to read, listen and learn. I also attend seminars, exhibitions, as well as follow Instagram and YouTube.

What do you think is the key to success?
Drive, passion and achieving 100% satisfaction. Without that, you’ll struggle to get up the hill.

Why do you use Booksy?
Booksy is huge for me. The best thing about it is that it takes a weight off my shoulders being able to offer an exclusive booking service for my clientele, it adds value to my service and every single client says how good it is!

What’s your favourite feature?
The ability for my clients to book into my calendar 24/7 There are no other booking barbers in my town so other’s clients have to suffer up to 50 minute wait times.

What kind of changes have you noticed since using Booksy?
20% of my new clients have come from Booksy- it isn’t even meant for the lead generation so that’s a massive bonus.

How long before you started noticing these changes?
Within weeks we noticed new clients booking in and they mentioned how they’d found us on the Booksy website.

How has your work/life balance changed?
I was burning out at one point, constantly trying to scale it backwards but Booksy has given me control and now I have a healthier work/life balance.

What do your clients think about the app?
Super user-friendly and easy to use.

Would you recommend Booksy to others in the industry?
Goes without saying! 100%. If you haven’t already got it then get it!

What are your plans for the future of Cliphouse?
Who knows what the future holds! I am excited and prepared for the unknown but right now I just need to keep focused and keep on going as I am.

Have you got any tips/advice for inspiring other barbers?
Listen carefully and manage your clients’ needs and expectations. Stay inspired and always stay hungry to learn. You never stop learning! Oh, and always go with your gut instinct (I make sure that I always do this).

Who do you admire within the industry?
There are far too many to list I’d feel it would be unfair if I missed anyone out. I take huge inspiration from all of the top barbers; I take pieces from each and make my own puzzle!

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