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Booksy CEO Stefan Batory Listed Amongst Top Rated CEOs

Booksy CEO Stefan Batory Listed Amongst Top Rated CEOs

About Booksy, All,

Booksy is proud to announce that our very own CEO, Stefan Batory, has been listed amongst best CEOs in terms of being the best CEO for women, for diversity and for best leadership.

This distinction is highly valuable for our entire company, as our CEO has been awarded not only for great leadership but also for progressiveness. “Comparably’s Best Leadership awards honor those who are stellar at what they do in business while creating a culture that delivers results.”, said Jason Nazar, Comparably CEO.

Being awarded as the best CEO for women is also very important, due to the moment of history we are currently facing. “Comparably’s Best CEOs for Women awards recognizes the leaders that female employees ranked as the best of the best. These CEOs create cultures that support and encourage women, and we hope it will motivate other leaders to do the same.”, said Jason Nazar. “Comparably’s Best CEOs for Diversity awards recognizes leaders who create cultures that support and encourage employees of color, providing a positive framework for other executives to model.”.

The place on those three lists, that represent top-ranked CEOs for women, diversity and leadership was based on anonymous ratings from the Booksy employees on

What is Comparably?

Comparably is one of the fastest growing compensation, culture, and career monitoring sites in the U.S. With the most comprehensive and uniquely structured data — segmented by gender, ethnicity, age, location, tenure, company size, equity, title/department, and education — the platform gives employees a more accurate picture of their worth and allows them to anonymously rate their workplace experiences and match with their dream jobs. Since its launch in 2016, Comparably has accumulated more than 3 million ratings from employees across 45,000 U.S. businesses and over 8,000 companies who use its employer branding and jobs tools. For more information on Comparably, go to

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