Naja the Nail Guru & Spifster Team Up for Booksy Nail Sessions: Chicago
Naja the Nail Guru & Spifster Team Up for Booksy Nail Sessions: Chicago

Naja the Nail Guru & Spifster Team Up for Booksy Nail Sessions: Chicago

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On March 25th, more than 20 nail professionals gathered in Chicago for the latest installment of our Booksy Nail Sessions. This session was held at the gorgeous Ace Hotel and featured nail influencers/artists/icons Naja the Nail Guru and Spifster Sutton.

presenters speaking at nail sessions
Naja the Nail Guru and Spifster Sutton kick off a day of learning at Booksy Nail Sessions: Chicago

What Booksy Nail Sessions Are All About

Booksy Nail Sessions are classes for nail professionals looking to better their businesses, their skills, and themselves. These events feature some of the top nail influencers in the nation who teach both nail techniques and business skills. The Chicago event drew a crowd of eager attendees who came ready to learn—and they didn’t leave disapontined.

Nail Education: Chicago Style

The morning was full of networking, elevator-pitch practice, and education on marketing techniques. “A lot of beauty professionals are scared to market,” says Naja. “What they need to know is how imperative it is. There’s no guaranteed paycheck for this career. No client, no service, no money.” In other words, if you aren’t booking clients, you can’t grow your business.

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Naja presenting to the room of attendees at nail sessions
Naja teaches the fundamentals of growing your professional nail business

Spifster took to the stage after a quick lunch break (food is always provided at Booksy Nail Sessions). After giving a masterclass on how to do perfect marble nails, she also gave tips for how to make more money. To Spif, one thing is clear. Continuing education (such as the classes put on at the Booksy Nail Sessions) is part of what it takes to succeed. 

Check out our interview with Spifster Sutton at Booksy Nail Sessions: Chicago

“Trends are popping out every single day. From our fashion magazines to our music artists, to just other fellow nail techs,” Spif says about the importance of staying on top of beauty education. “Constantly educating yourself means you’ll always be finding new products and discovering new techniques.”

naja and spifster posing at nail sessions
Naja and Spiftster: sisters from another mister

Naja, Spifster and all of the attendees toasted with glasses of rosé at the end of the event. “These women need to celebrate themselves—celebrate the small successes that they have every day,” Naja says. The networking continued, bonds were made, and everyone left with more knowledge, inspiration, and confidence than they had when they walked in.

Booksy Nail Sessions Coming to a Town Near You

So, when’s the next Booksy Nail Session? We’re heading West!

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