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Drive more business, anywhere, anytime,

with Booksy Online Services

Take your business to a whole new world… the digital world, with Booksy Online Services.

Reach new audiences, build your online brand and generate revenue, even when your storefront is ‘closed’.

Booksy Online Services allows you to host your services remotely via Zoom, with a simple,

no-fuss set-up, just the usual booking method your clients know and love.

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Your clients book you as usual, using the Booksy app. You both get a dedicated link and simply meet online using Zoom. So when the appointment is about to start, turn your camera and microphone and say ‘hello’ to your client!

How does it work?

Think your services can’t go online?

Think again!

We’ve seen businesses from every industry on Booksy take some of their services online.

Find your yoga class online and help them find their zen through Zoom.

Power through your personal training sessions

Conduct your consultations that usually require awkward gaps between clients

Showcase your styling skills to your clients

Time to teach! Whether it’s education, language skills, nail art, music, you name it - here’s your new classroom.

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With Booksy Online Services, you can:

Say goodbye to closure limitations. Offer appointments online and keep that cash coming in.

Online appointments mean you no longer have to limit your potential to your neighborhood and reach new customers. City? Country? Other continents? Shoot for the moon!

Save those free consultation appointments for online services where possible, so they don’t eat into the time where you could have a paying customer in your chair.

Offer advice sessions to keep your clients happy between visits, or if they simply can’t get to you. Do this and your customer loyalty will go through the roof.

Whether you work from home or from your salon, there is always a place to meet online.

Do you want to start using this feature? Let us know on our Helpchat!

Continue to drive revenue, even when you think you can’t

Reach more clients than ever before

Make smart business decisions

Keep your clients engaged

Work anywhere, anytime

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Still take care of their beauty/wellness needs with a little help and advice from their favorite professionals.

Continue already started therapies, trainings or treatments under your trusted online guidance.

Book you & meet online wherever and whenever they want (and your calendar allows!)

Thanks to Booksy Online Services, your clients:

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Hollywood, CA, USA

"I see this an an opportunity and I've taken an opportunity, through the Booksy platform, to do private online consultations with clients and other stylists."



Eastbourne, England, UK

"Most importantly, use Booksy to market your online services.

You'll thank yourself later."

Ready to take your business online?

Just reach out to our friendly Customer Success team on the Booksy Biz helpchat who will set this feature up for you. Then get ready to shout about your new availability to your clients.



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London, England, UK

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