Support during the Covid-19 outbreak

We're here for you.

Here at Booksy, we always put our service providers first. We strongly advise that all businesses take note of the latest advice from the World Health Organization and any guidance that they may issue surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19.

These are unprecedented times for businesses around the world. You can count on Booksy being here to help support you through it.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing useful tips, feature focuses and ideas to help you get through this time. Keep in touch via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, through the in-app help chat or on the phone with our Customer Success team at 206-735-3553.

Official Guidance

Here we'll keep you up to date with all the latest official Covid-19 initiatives that may be able to support your business through this time.

Visit Coronavirus.gov for the latest official information from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force at the White House.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for official Coronavirus (COVID-19) health information.

Department of the Treasury is supporting American workers and businesses. See their latest updates here.

Useful Guides & Resources

Planning and preparation, small business support, and public health resources.

Booksy's Coronavirus Resource Center

Apply for the Paycheck Protection Program

Booksy has partnered with Kabbage to bring small business loans to our community.

We’ve rounded up a list of financial relief resources available from federal & local governments, and private companies.

Small Business Relief Resources Roundup

Beauty At Home: Booksy Pros Are Going Digital

Discover new ways to connect professionals and clients from Booksy Businesses around the USA.

We’ve put together a checklist of what you might need to consider when preparing to reopen.

Your ‘Back-to-Business 101’ Checklist

New Feature:

I'm Ready!

We’ve introduced a new feature that will notify your clients when you're prepared to start the appointment.

Addressing Coronavirus as a Business Owner

Top tips for keeping your clients informed and up to date.

Booksy's latest feature gives your clients the chance to help you through this time by donating and booking now, but visiting later.

Tip Now, Book Now,

Visit Later

Communicating with Your Clients about Coronavirus

To bring you a little peace of mind at this tricky time, we've put together a selection message templates.

Managing Your Business During Lockdown - Checklist

To restore even just a little peace of mind, we’ve put together a ‘checklist’ to help make sure you’re fully prepared for a lockdown scenario.

Printable Booksy Coloring Pages

At home with the kids? Get the creative juices flowing with some coloring and drawing!

Printable Covid-19

Closure Signs

Printable closure signs for you to use and keep your clients informed.


During this time, it's important to keep our beauty and wellness routines regular. When the morning blends into the afternoon and you're still in your pajamas, it's hard to keep up with the usual. GLO Body Sculpt & Spa is taking any and all skin questions from their clients via Zoom meetings.

Booksy nail artists everywhere won't stop creating. Jenilea Heath in Chicago, IL is creating custom nail sets for purchase. Acrylic and gel soak off kits are also being sold by many nail salons. Reach out to yours to see how they're getting creative and how you can be supportive.

Beauty at home is our new reality. Check out how other Booksy beauty professionals are getting creative from their couches to bring their skills to the screen and connect with clients in a new way.

If you're ready to go digital, check out our latest feature release - Online Services.

Booksy Ambassador Kim Kimble tells us how she's adapted to the current situation and is continuing to drive revenue through Booksy's latest feature, Online Services, with digital consultations, styling sessions, mentoring sessions and more.

And across the pond, our Booksy UK Ambassador Alan Beak of Ruger Barbers talk about the importance of driving upsells from their video styling sessions, with their product lines.

We've compiled some of our short, handy how-to videos to help you use Booksy features to manage your business and calendar.

For more video guides, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


Feature Focus

How to use Social Post Creator

to communicate to your clients

How to set up auto-responders on Facebook

Cancelling appointments

Temporarily blocking out your calendar

Setting up Cancellations and

No-Show Policies

Stay in touch with us. We'll keep you posted on all the latest updates and how they might affect your business across our social channels and on this page.

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