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Cuts for a Cause: Booksy’s First Pop-up Barbershop

Cuts for a Cause: Booksy’s First Pop-up Barbershop

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Last week on May 9th, Booksy put on their first pop-up barbershop in Chicago, IL! Two local barbers, Talia Roxit and Savanna the Barber, volunteered their time and talent to give Industrious members a midday chop. Clients paid $20 as a direct donation to Off the Street Club, a Chicago safe haven for kids living in high-crime areas of the city. For all the details, check out the recap video on Booksy’s Instagram account @booksybiz, and see below for event highlights!

hanging barber pole infront of window
The power of a barber pole. The universal symbol that there are professional cuts happening somewhere close. This helped us turn typical office space into a proper, pop-up barbershop!
barber giving client a fade haircut with clippers and brush
Talia Roxit, from First Round Hair Studio in Humboldt Park, doing what she does best.
barber giving client a haircut with golden shears
Savanna the Barber from Platinum Fades 7 in Plainfield, IL, keeping her cuts as golden as her shears.
Booksy branded dum dum suckers
We Booksy-fied the most classic barber treat we know – Dum Dums!
client fade before and after photo
There were some fresh fades walking out of this “shop.” Clients were loving their new looks.
client wearing a booksy cape with a fresh haircut
A good haircut is like sporting a new outfit. You know you look good!
kids on a playground
At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about. Hundreds of kids feel safer every year because of Off the Street Club. Watch more on OTSC here.

Booksy Pop-ups is on a mission to connect local barbers, help those in need, and provide good hair for everyone. Less than an hour of conversation, a small donation, and a quick clean up for the hairs on your head is making more of a difference than we know. Keep your eye out for the next #BooksyPopup!

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