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Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop: Master Your Schedule and Grow Your Business

Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop: Master Your Schedule and Grow Your Business

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Full-service salons can deliver more to their clients, but offering a ton of services can also mean more headaches—especially when it comes to scheduling. Do it right, and you’ll grow your business by creating new opportunities for revenue. Do it wrong, and you risk disappointing your clients and damaging your reputation. The Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop in Providence, Rhode Island, has found a way to make it work.

The Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop offers just about everything: hair coloring, styling, nails, makeup, barbering, and more. With so many services available, it’s easy to imagine how scheduling can turn into a nightmare. Berlin Hernandez, owner of Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop, has turned this challenge into an opportunity. With the help of Booksy, she’s mastered her salon’s schedule. Now, her clients are happy, her staff is engaged, and she’s growing a thriving business. We visited the salon to speak with Berlin and her staff to learn how Booksy is helping achieve her goals.  

Mastering Your Schedule

“There are many challenges to being a business owner and a hairdresser, as well” says Berlin Hernandez, because “both {jobs} are very demanding.” As a stylist, Berlin would prefer to spend more time in the chair making money than answering an endless stream of calls and text messages. But as the owner of a full-service salon, she wants to take as many appointments as possible. She’s managed to solve this problem with Booksy. “It’s a great tool because it helps me manage everyone’s schedule,” says Hernandez, “it organizes the whole place.” And she does mean the whole place, “Not only the barbershop, but the salon and the spa, too….it’s perfect.”

Managing a Work-Life Balance

Everyone in the salon business eventually faces the same issue: clients constantly calling you during your free time to book an appointment after hours. With Booksy, clients can find your available times on their own, so you can keep your business and personal life separate. “It helps me keep more of my private time {seperate from my business}” Berlin says. In other words: you get the maximum number of bookings for your business while keeping your personal time blissfully to yourself.

Giving Clients the Attention They Deserve

For Alaiza Dandrade, an eyebrow specialist at Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop, the biggest challenge of being a makeup artist is juggling all of her tasks. “I’ll be in the middle of doing someone’s makeup and I’ll have 20 people texting my phone, trying to schedule {an appointment}. I’m trying to focus all my attention on the person I have, but I don’t want to lose my customers.” With Booksy handling her appointments at the salon, Alaiza’s full attention goes to providing her client in the chair with the best possible experience. Because in this business, customer service counts for everything. “You don’t want to disappoint your customers because your scheduling isn’t right”, says Dandrade, “Nobody wants to wait.”

Avoiding Problems Before They Happen

Josue Ortiz, a barber at Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop, has plenty of experience with the most typical frustration faced by barbers: problematic clients. “Some people don’t show up for appointments, some people want appointments at the same time, some people call at the last minute,” he says. Thanks to Booksy’s simple booking experience (and tools for handling no-shows), these headaches are a thing of the past. Having an organized, reliable schedule has made a difference in Ortiz’s professional life at the barbershop. “What I like about working here is that everyone’s on the same page. Everyone appreciates the clients and has outstanding customer service,” he says, “and that’s something I value in a business.”

Services for Every Type of Client

With so many services, mastering their schedule has been critical to the success of the Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop. But their core value of offering quality services to everyone in their community has been the heart and soul of the business. “We try to stay on top of what’s trending,” says Berlin Hernandez, “and you can bring the whole family.”


Watch the video below to learn more about how the Diamond Cut Salon & Barbershop mastered their scheduling with Booksy.


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