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7 Tips to Ensure Beard Health Through the Holidays

7 Tips to Ensure Beard Health Through the Holidays

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The last couple months of the year are filled with excitement.

From the frights of Halloween to the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving (and all the deals that come after), right up until Christmas and ringing in the New Year. Over the course of all that cheer and enjoyment, outings are plentiful. 

Be sure to gear up for cherishing others and investing in yourself. The prime way to do that is to make sure your facial hair is in check. To do that, check out these tips that’ll help keep your beard healthy through the season.

1. Be patient

Picture this: You’ve been trying for who-knows-how-long to grow facial hair. But whatever do, whatever internet myth brings new promise, nothing seems to work. If this scenario sounds familiar, the good news is that you’re not alone.

Now, if you could only find out what to do about growing that beard. 

If you’ve exhausted all of your efforts, chances are, you’re pretty exhausted yourself. So, why don’t you wait a little while longer for results? How much longer? Well, if you’ve been giving your efforts less than two months, you may not even be giving your hair time to grow.

Give your hair a little extra time to form before you jump right into treating the gaps. That way, you can protect your hair from damage (and bad hair days). Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to take care of your beard.

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2. Take care of your beard

When growing out a beard, it’s important to usher in that growth correctly and in a healthy way. If you don’t nourish your beard while it’s growing, it’ll be tough to manage, or too damaged to sustain a style. 

If you’re new to the beard care game, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Head to our beard maintenance posts for crash courses in helping you out. Your future beard—and its health—are dependent on good hygiene habits.

3. Fit beard oil into your routine

If colder temperatures are in your future, this product will be even more essential in your routine. 

Beard oil is a multipurpose life-saver for people with facial hair. Using it does way more than nourish. It also makes hair easier to style, look shiny and healthy, and keeps your skin moisturized. 

To put it simply: Beard oil is a must for your routine. It’ll help you grow and maintain the best beard you’ll have.

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4. Focus on the mustache too

Too many times does one focus on the beard and neglect the mustache. However, properly taking care of facial hair includes more than just focusing on the beard. You’ll promote uneven growth, and it’ll be very noticeable.

You don’t have to start out with an elaborate routine if you’re not used to it. For instance, cleaning up strays with beard scissors can go a long way. Additionally, combing and using mustache wax are simple, quick, and effective ways to keep your ‘stache in check.

5. Don’t trim immediately

It can be very confusing to know exactly when to trim your beard. But you may be taking it a little bit too frequently, depending on how often and how much you trim.

For instance, if you trim huge amounts of your hair every time you grow it, you may be damaging your hair growth in the long run. Try once or twice a month. 

When you trim, make sure to use beard oil to make the hair manageable. Additionally, follow the natural shape of your face. That way, you can be sure your style will look natural. Before going in with scissors, brush or comb it out so you can get an accurate trim.

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6. Brush your facial hair

Yes, this is really a thing. Yes, you should really consider this if you want to grow and keep your beard healthy. This is one of the cases where you can see the benefit when you think about brushing the hair on your head. 

You brush your head to get rid of dirt, unwanted specks, and to keep the strands healthy. Brushing your beard gives you the same benefit, along with ensuring the beard oil gets to its destination.

Having a tool to keep your beard growing in the right direction and ensure its health is a necessity in your routine. Pick out a comb or brush based on the length of your beard. For instance, those with longer beards are going to want a brush because it’ll be the strongest.

7. Have a proper washing routine

Of course, you can’t properly take care of your facial hair if it isn’t thoroughly clean. Washing is non-negotiable when it comes to grooming and maintenance. Every time you go outside, you’re prone to dirt and bacteria finding its way into your beard or ‘stache. 

So, let’s talk keeping it clean. 

First and foremost, get rid of that shampoo that’s meant for your head. It’s not labeled for beards for a reason. The good news is, however, is beard shampoo exists, and it does exactly what head shampoo does for your hair—cleanses. 

To make sure the beard shampoo doesn’t make your hair too dry, be sure to follow it up with beard oil. (Remember when we said the product would be a lifesaver in your routine)?

Keeping your beard looking its best starts with how you treat it. If you let your beard grow and equip it with the proper care, you’ll get the best results. Leaving you empowered to spread cheer among loved ones in celebration.

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