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Five Top Trends in Health and Wellness

Five Top Trends in Health and Wellness

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Just like most parts of American society, the health and wellness industry has its trends. Sometimes that means a short-lived diet craze sweeping the nation and then disappearing overnight. Other times, it’s something with a long-lasting effect, such as the holistic healthcare movement.

Despite the many changes in the tide that come and go in the health and wellness sector, we’ve created a list of a few of the most important trends that may have a lasting impact. These trends are unique due to their potential to increase diversity, promote wellness, and provide greater convenience.

According to research published by the American Psychological Association, 43% of adults in the U.S. suffer from adverse health effects caused by stress. This places a high demand on wellness treatments or services that could help lower that rate and ensure that people across the United States live in a state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

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Increased Wellness Options and Added Diversity

In the past, many individuals argued that people of color were underrepresented in the wellness industry. But the standards are changing, which means there’s a more diverse array of people providing wellness services and bringing them to different communities across the country.

Experts say that different audiences will become more involved in self-care practices, as podcasts like Black Women for Wellness keep popping up. Influencers like Trap Yoga Bae, will continue to introduce newcomers to their unique brand of yoga, while holistic advocates at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance will help spread health and wellness to underserved and underrepresented sectors.


Telecommunication in Health Care Will Continue to Grow

Recent surveys have shown that more patients are becoming comfortable with the idea of mental or physical health in front of a computer or using some other means of telecommunication.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of telemedicine is still considered uncommon. But it increased substantially from 2005 to 2017 and could have a bright future. The study also reported that its users prioritized convenience over other possible catalysts, such as a shortage of physicians in an area.

Another reason that telecommunications are gaining traction is because a number of health care officials are advocating for it. They argue that telemedicine reduces cost and provides quick, effective solutions that younger patients seek. And patients in remote areas or older people suffering from chronic ailments that prevent them from moving see telecommunication as a necessary alternative to in-person care.

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One-Stop Wellness Living Spaces

It’s no secret that getting a bunch of things done in one place is much more convenient. And that’s why a few companies in the wellness industry are creating one-stop shops. Well is one example of a wellness center that offers a restaurant, private event space, gym, sauna, yoga studio, and a steam room. 

The obvious goal is to get people to spend their entire day in one space by inviting them to eat healthy foods, mingle with like-minded friends, sit in a sauna, work out, and read in a fully-furnished library.

By capturing some of the same magic of the classic one-stop-shop approach, investors want to attract people to facilities that house multiple aspects of their wellness routine under one roof. According to several industry experts, one-stop wellness facilities are the next big thing because they can provide relaxation and tranquillity but with convenience.

self-care apps

Self-Care Apps

Fitness instructors and wellness providers are sensing a shift in the way that their clients think about health. While the appeal for esthetics will always be there, more people are seeking overall health, as opposed to rippling muscles. In trying to find a balance between the mind and the body, people are becoming more in touch with self-care and holistic wellness.

And that’s why places all over the country are seeing more wellness centers advertising their acupuncture, drop-in meditation services, and other healing or mindfulness rest-stops where people can revitalise and rejuvenate. There’s also been a rise in websites and downloadable apps like Headspace or Inscape, which both offer guided meditation, along with Lifesum, which promotes healthy recipes, tracks user’s fitness progress, and reminds users to drink enough water.

destigmatizing stressors

Destigmatizing Stressors

Financial stress is one of the key factors that’s prompting Americans to turn to wellness programs. According to an APA study, participants were also stressed out about their health problems, children, or the political climate. 

To cope with some of that stress, experts are recommending that people open up about what’s bothering them. And still others recommend tackling the problem by teaching financial responsibility in high school and setting up financial wellness programs at the job.

Similar to other wellness trends, online apps are available, along with video games that are designed to teach financial literacy, because removing some of the burden from financial stress could help more than half the country live healthier, fuller lives.

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